Designer Spotlight: Dee Hayes

Everyone has their own perception on what fashion should look like. However, Dee Hayes is not concerned on others perceptions. He has a vision for this clothes and the future and is keeping his eyes on the prize. Kontrol Magazine introduces to you, Sir Dee Hayes.
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How did you get started with creating your line?
I draw a lot of inspiration from my general ideals of the distant future and what I think fashion will look like, as well as from movies. The collection I showed at KMFJ was inspired by the movie Mad Maxx.
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How did you first get started in fashion design in general? Are you self-taught or did you go to school?
I started off as a graphic tee designer, and launched a limited tee line back in 2007 featuring my artwork. I went to a design school for two semesters and have just been teaching myself over the years, learning from my mistakes and my peers. I would consider myself to be a self taught designer.
How would you describe your line?
I would describe my F/W14 line, “Dark Odyssey” as dark, edgy, highly detailed and a tad futuristic. I wanted to create sense of drama and theatrics on the runway without it coming off gimmicky. I kept the menswear looks more wearable/RTW but went more Avant-garde with the womenswear pieces in the collection,
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Who are the top 3 people/designers that influence your designs?
My top 3 designers that I admire are Balmain (Love their amazing attention to detail), Viktor & Rolf (I love their Avant-garde, more artistic approach to design w/o regard to trends) and last but not least Alexander McQueen (I love the believable yet theatrical story being told on the runway). As a designer I always try to incorporate each of these characteristics into my own collections.
Favorite fashion icon.
I would have to say Solange. She knows who she is, she’s 100% comfortable with herself and it resonates in her sense of style. She is in-tune with both her fashion and artistry.
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Any notables that you have designed for?
I have been fortunate to have had a garment worn by Grammy award winning gospel artist LeAndria Johnson, and Kari A. Wells of Bravo TV’s “Married To Medicine.”
Where do you see your line going in 5 years?
My ultimate goal is to create custom one of a kind pieces to be worn by entertainers/artists for stage performances.
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Favorite material that you love to work with?
I love working with heavier fabrics like leathers and creating wearable and structural garments out of non traditional fabrics like Upholstery fabrics, typically used on couches and drapery.
One pro of being a fashion designer and one con?
For me the major pro of being a designer is simply being able to turn my wildest ideas into a reality.
Con is that fashion is highly subjective. Everyone has an opinion about it and may not understand your vision.
Where can we find your collection?
Currently my collection is visible at / IG: @iam_dhayes. Stylist pulls and general inquiries can be directed to
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