Designer Spotlight: Jenee Dionne

Fashion designers are the artists that received the gift of creativity. With their two hands, they give life to a simple piece of fabric. Today, Kontrol Magazine is shining the spotlight on these magicians of the fabric. With their words, we are inspired to pursue our dreams and aspirations. Their words are reminders of a fashion designers hard word and dedication. Introducing to you, Madame Jenee Dionee.





How did you get started with creating your line? 

I began working side by side with my children handcrafting jewelry that we sold from our driveway, craft fairs, and boutiques, which eventually ended up on runways throughout Atlanta, Florida and California. My first apparel collection of 2013 included “ready to wear” after 5 looks that were all inspired by my handcrafted jewelry, which was incorporated in each piece. I am inspired by beauty and grace, and women empowerment, so when I began my next collection I sought to incorporate these ideals that ultimately led to the creation of The Goddess Collection. I feel as though women of today embody the strength and beauty of ancient Grecian women who were not only beautiful but also warriors, much like women of today. My latest works of 2015 are red carpet and vintage gown inspirations. Creating a fashion line iaas not easy nor is it cheap, but passion and creative energy are the therapeutic motivators that keep me moving forward after losing my youngest daughter DaVae Lavon to a severe asthma attack 1/29/2012. The motto that myself and my remaining two children is to vow to be “triumphant through tragedy.” So in lieu of this I continue to spend countless sleepless nights designing and sewing in addition to working hard 40 hours a week in marketing to support my brand until I have the break through moment I see on the horizon.

How did you first get started in fashion design in general?

Are you self-taught or did you go to school? As a lover of the arts, I am full of creative energy, in addition to coming from generations of creative women who paint, sew, draw and craft. I have been designing jewelry since I was a kid, and overtime I decided I wanted to see more than my jewelry on models on the runway. I knew I could so much more, and in 2013 I did just that. As my grandmother had taught be the basics of sewing as a child, I just picked back up where I left off and began designing clothing around my jewelry. Soon after I began creating jewelry to complete the looks of my gowns and dresses. Things have come full circle as I look to create a complete look with my designs. I truly love designing fashion as it allows me to release creative energy and create beauty, as it is the best feeling when a woman expresses how beautiful she feels in my gowns.


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 How would you describe your line? 

The couture pieces of my collections are very clean, artistic with every intention of amplifying a woman’s inner and outer beauty

Who are the top 3 people/designers that influence your designs? 

Charles James, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Atlanta’s own Michael Knight!

Favorite fashion icon.

Charles James!!! I love everything Charles James, as his sense of elegance and style is nothing short of remarkable and breathtaking. I am completely in awe and inspired by all of his works of beauty.

Any notables that you have designed for? 

I have yet to reach out to celebrities at this point, but pieces of The Goddess Collection did grace the runway of Orlando International Fashion Week and soon to grace the runway at L.A. Fashion Week in March.


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Where do you see your line going in 5 years? 

I feel I have the potential to have my designs seen in thematic films, and international red carpets. In five years, I plan to have been around the world and back, as I look to have my designs displayed throughout couture international markets.

Favorite material that you love to work with?

I enjoy having the creative freedom to be unorthodox by mixing unrelated fabrics such as taffeta, chiffon, velvet, tule and silk. Each fabric plays role in creating a beautiful piece of art.

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One the pros being a fashion designer and one con?

Creative freedom is the definitely the pro of designing fashion. A con for me is that I am shy, so I work hard to let me designs speak for themselves. But I truly wish I could be more outspoken, as we are the best advocates for ourselves.

Where can we find your collection? 

The Goddess Collection can be found at


Viva la fashion,



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