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Did You Go Natural For Yourself OR The Gram?

Did You Go Natural For Yourself OR The Gram?

Are you natural for you or for the joneses? I ask this question because, although we are in the year 2017, folks are still running around trying to keep up with the joneses and the whose who! WHY?! I don’t know.

Natural hair, kontrolmag, kontrolbeauty, solange, natural, natural beauty, IG
Solange Natural Hair

I see so many women hashtagging #naturalhair, #naturalbeauty, #teambaldhead, #bigchop, #TWA so on and so forth but it really makes me wonder are you embracing this  movement because it was a personal decision or because you want to “do it for the GRAM” and be apart of a hash tag? Lets just keep it real…

Some will say, girl you thinking too much into it and others will nod because they agree!

Its the RAW truth!

“I Felt So Ugly & Insecure”

Natural hair, kontrolmag, kontrolbeauty, solange, natural, natural beauty, IG, NATURALISTA
Chrisette Short Cut

When I decided to big chop 5 years ago, it was right before a party that I was going to (What the HELL was I thinking??) and I felt so ugly and insecure after all of my hair was cut and left on the barbershop floor. I didn’t feel liberated or look even close to the girls that I saw on YouTube (yup, I know what its like to big chop not for me but to only resemble your favorite girl on YouTube.. that’s some TRUTH for that ass!). Instead, I was STILL looking like little ol’ me, Stephanie!

Fast forward, 5 years later, I am sitting at my desk at work, rocking my Teenie Weenie Afro because I WANT TO! I feel so comfortable in my skin this time around, I didn’t have to watch five million YouTube videos or skim through tons of instagram hash tags or feel as though I needed approval to chop all of my hair off.

Just DO YOU!

Natural hair, kontrolmag, kontrolbeauty, solange, natural, natural beauty, IG, NATURALISTA, Chrisette Michele
Erykah Badu

The best thing that one can do in this copycat world that we live in is to be the best original copy of themselves. Do whatever it takes to make you sleep good at night! Your hair is just a snippet of the many ways that you create you own lane.

Over the years, I have learned that the same Instagram and YouTube famous people that we follow are just like me and YOU! They have the same insecurities, flaws, likes and dislikes. We are all alike in so many ways… Don’t discredit yourself or do something you wouldn’t normally do because you want to “be like” the celebrity or instagram famous person with 20k followers.. she may very well want or wish she was you! Think about that…




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