DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE! Hazel E. Keeps It Real with Life, Love, & Hip-Hop!

This fall’s runway hit known as VH-1’s Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood proved that Mona Scott Young’s reality franchise has not lost its magic! We were treated to a group of young stars making their way through life, love, and the luxuries of the music industry while dealing with drama. There were trials and triumphs, failures and victories, all tempered by love anew and love lost! Of these amazing stars, few kept us entertained or as intrigued as rap star, Hazel E!

Hazel E. is no stranger to the entertainment industry or the inner workings of Hollywood. As a former A-List celebrity publicist she was instrumental in growing the careers of some of rap’s biggest stars. Tiring of growing other people’s careers she decided it was her time to shine and since 2009 has become of one of the entertainment industry’s rising female rap stars. “I’d been doing the publicist things, including getting my degree, for about seven years…I got tired of helping other people accomplish their dreams and wanted to follow my on…so here I am making moves…”


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After a season of watching the new series, one might think they know all there is to know about this rising star. Well, you would be wrong and selling yourself short from knowing all there is to know about a woman who has been making moves longer than most other celebrities have careers. On the show we watched as Hazel E. focused on pushing her music career to the next level while battling betrayals from her former friends Teairra Marie and Masika Turner, and former friend/lover, Yung Berg. Hazel endured quite a bit of criticism from fans and “fraud friends” (as she so accurately described them during the season) appearing to be obsessed with Yung Hitmaka, causing it to affect her friendships with other cast members. Hazel quickly and clearly sets the record straight. “The show filmed for ten months and then was edited down to twelve episodes barely an hour long…people did not get to see everything that went on between he [Yung Berg] and I…I’m not crazy or stupid…but everyone just needs to know how much goes onto the cutting room floor…” When asked was she a victim of editing she quickly replies, “No,” and goes on to say, “…the scenes where you saw me I was being myself in those moments…it is the other scenes where I grinding and working on my music is where I really wish everyone could have seen more of…also I was seeing other people and dating so I was not fixated on Berg like people think I was nor was he this chick magnet that who had women every day of the week…he clearly said all that for the show…”

Hazel E. & Yung Berg
Hazel E. & Yung Berg

Since the end of the first season, Yung Berg has been fired from Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood for allegedly assaulting girlfriend and fellow cast mate, Masika Turner. Many now feel as if she is better off and dodged a bullet by not getting serious with Berg. “I don’t feel like I dodged a bullet, nor do I feel like Masika got what she deserved. No woman deserves to be hit, there’s just no excuse for that. I’m not sure about what exactly happened between them, but I’ve moved on…” Indeed, Hazel has moved on and is rumored to be dating comedian Kat Williams, she even announces him as her celebrity crush! “The man in my life is my best friend and things are going exactly as they should…I am very happy!” Yung Berg recently commented on her new found love in an interview with Vlad TV, saying he is happy for her and still considers her a friend. “You know he says that, but if he were a real friend to me he would be truthful about everything that happened between us and not be dogging me to other people…things get back to me and I have to say we are not friends, and we are not on speaking terms…if he had just been 100 through everything we at least still could have been cool, especially since my manager is like his play brother…”


Clearly, there is no love gained between these Hazel and Berg, and the same goes for some of her other cast members as well. She says she and Ray J are still good friends, but when it comes to Teairra Marie their friendship is on a status of nonexistence! “Apparently I have to be careful of who I consider a friend on the show after all the fraud and fakeness I had to deal with this season…She [Teiarra Marie] and I are not friends and I let that go…” Hazel confirms that something did happen between her former bestie and Yung Berg shortly before the Reunion Special. “…Teairra tried to deny it [the oral sex with Yung Berg accusation] but now he [Yung Berg] is confirming it too…She told me they just kissed…but I know how Teairra is and it probably happened!”


The show has already been renewed for a second season and Hazel is ready for you to see her in a greater light. She does not regret being on the show at all and is grateful for the opportunities it has brought her. “Next season you’re really going to see me on my grind and doing what it is that makes me who I am…I’m all about positivity and being a good person and that’s gonna shine through…” The rap game can be a little frigid when it comes to women but she is determined to make her way to the top. She released an EP last year, Na U Kno, and currently has a new single out, Everything. You can download her EP from iTunes and expect a new music video for her single coming soon.

Hazel E. is the heart and soul of Love & Hip-hop Hollywood having been instrumental in bringing the cast together, by providing a list of names she knew would be awesome together. Perhaps this is why, as Mona Scott Young mentioned, all of the cast members are so “intertwined” and “related.” You thought you knew who this Cali Girl was, but you were mistaken! Do not believe the hype and hate, Hazel E. is a woman on top of the game!

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Twitter/Instagram: @hazelebaby

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