One Duster, Two Duster, Silk Duster, Cotton Duster! Let Us Shop Them Today.

Rather you call it a duster or kimono, it’s something you should have in your wardrobe ladies. Even the hottest celebrities have been wearing dusters throughout the season. It also seems to be heading into the fall as well. You do not have to be a trendy individual, but this is a trend you should follow. www.boohoo.com

(Photo from: BooHoo)

I know some may be thinking, “Well I’m not a celebrity” and that’s fine. To wear dusters you do not have to break the bank to be TEA! Today we’re shopping dusters and I have a list of a few of my favorite places to get them.

First, I’m going take you to Boohoo where the dusters come in different styles, textures, and colors. Boohoo has dusters ranging from sale at $18.00 to highest of $80.00. Boohoo dusters come with great quality as well as sizes that fit petite and plus size women. If you’re looking for silk they have it, cotton they have it, sleeve and sleeveless they have it. You are able to pick and chose what you want, so go ahead visit them today. Www.boohoo.com

(Photo by: BooHoo)

Then, we’re going to go shopping via Miss Guided US. Miss Guided has dusters for those who are more trendy and generational. You can find more of your chic dusters here! If you like dusters that are able to be tied then this is for you. They also have dusters starting as low as $17.00. You can get your celebrity look all the way together on Miss Guided. www.boohoo.com

(Photo from: Miss Guided US)

Last, but not least Ms. Shun Melson. Shun has her very own collection of dusters. www.shunmelson.com

(Photo from: Shun Melson)

When I first started seeing plus size women in dusters this was where I saw them. She also has dusters with special writing on the back! My favorite says, “I know all lives matter, but I AIN’T all.” Her dusters make statements and celebrities actually wear them. So, if you’re looking to have a voice and support black businesses here you go! Also, all her material is qua – li – TEA.

So, ladies as you go into your fall season make sure you are looking up to part. When you hit the stores on the online sites get a few dusters. I promise you they is no better way to add light layers other than adding a duster.

Written by: Troy Gaskins @TouchedByTAG

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