Dwayne Wade Fined $15,000 Dollars After Pulling An #IDFWU Moment When Fans Yell Rude Words About Gabrielle Union

Talk about Dwayne Wade? Cool. Talk about Gabrielle Union? That just might be “yo a___!”

Disrespectful comments aren’t uncommon among fans when attending sporting events. However, some people apparently forget that they too have families and loved ones that they don’t won’t to see subjected to ridicule.

Take Dwayne Wade and “Being Mary Jane” actress Gabrielle Union…

Wade was fined a total of $15,000 dollars after he stuck his middle finger up at fans during the Miami Heat versus the Charlotte Hornets game (Jan. 21). Apparently, certain fans yelled rude words about his wife continuously to where he reached his “breaking point.”

According to theJasmineBrand, Wade spoke with the Associated Press to make a statement on behalf of choice of action:

The NBA is an unbelievable league, and I’m one of the first ones to be doing NBA Cares and all these things in the community, but they need to protect us a little more. They need to do a better job of protecting players in the arena. It’s open game on us. We’re big boys, we can take it, but everyone has their breaking point.

Well within his own rights, Wade and his three boys (do we mention the “break baby?“) have a deal if and when the Heat player gets temperamental during a game. All phones and TV privileges are off limits when behavior out of retaliation is inappropriate:

House rules, for disrespecting the family name.

Wade also revealed that commentary about him is something he can withstand but that when fans voluntarily vocalize negative comments about his family, it becomes an issue:

You can talk about me all day. I really don’t care what you say about me because I know at the end of the day when I walk off that court most of those guys would see me in the back hallway and want to shake my hand. When it gets too personal about your family, that’s too far. But it’s not going to stop.

“Often those that criticise others reveal what he himself lacks.”
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