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Easy Ways to Make Yourself Look More Fashionable After 50

Easy Ways to Make Yourself Look More Fashionable After 50

A lot of people confuse fashion with youthful exuberance and facial traits. Fashion is about expressing oneself in a confident manner. Can a woman over 50 be the most fashionable person in the room? Of course! The modern day mature woman senses, reasons, and even looks younger than her age. Women over 50 looking to assert their presence are actively seeking out clothes that are fashion forward in order to portray themselves in the light that they deserve to. It is not necessary to spend tons of money on branded items of clothing. Here are some simple and easy ways that can make someone over 50, fashionable.

It is clear that in order to be in touch with the modern fashion trends, you need to be updated and the information behind these updates cannot come from merely TV shows and fashion magazines. You need to be aware of how the modern generation is thinking.

Finding a ‘fashion buddy’ to help out with what clothing style or hairstyle is in fashion can help. It can be a friend or a daughter. The real question that needs to be asked is – “Is it looking appropriate on me?” – By finding a person who can judge correctly, half the job is done.

Going for shopping with a chic friend and getting his or her estimation on what should and should not be worn is a great activity for women over 50 looking to step up their fashion game. Having a fashionable friend helps because what may look ‘way too crazy’ for a 50-year-old may actually suit them in the eyes of the younger generation.


Some women over the age of fifty tend to sport the same haircut for almost all of their lives. You do not need to be the same always when you can go for a range of haircuts for women over 50. Being fashionable is equal to adapting to changes and conquering these new territories with aplomb. All women over 50 should consider changing their hairstyle at least at some point of time and try out one or two new looks.

Makeup Update

The wonderful improvements in the makeup industry have been rather surprising. Not only in terms of quality but also in terms of quantity – there are so many products available for every makeup related need! Here are some basic tips –

  • Always use a primer before applying makeup. They offer the skin an exuberant glow.
  • Less is more. Trying to overdo makeup can go severely wrong. If the balance does not seem right, do not overdo it.
  • Go with the instinct. Instinctive fashion supersedes the challenges of time.

Closet Changes

Even though a woman in her fifties may be comfortable in wearing a particular set pattern and style of clothes, challenging herself with some new styles is crucial to knowing what looks best on her! Most women underestimate their ability to pull clothes off. They shouldn’t!

Women over 50 have every reason to want to look fashionable. By following these necessary up gradations, that desire can easily be fulfilled!


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