Empire- “Time Shall Unfold”

Empire  began with a blast from the past, as Thirsty goes to see Lola and plucks some hair from her head. Lucious hosts a party for Empire shareholders at his home, where they tell him they still want him to be the CEO of the company, feeling Hakeem only got there off Mimi’s esteem. Cookie arrives and warns him to let her know if he is going to do anything against Hakeem. She tells him she wants her family back together. She also tells him she does not Freda around her boys. Elsewhere, Jamal and Freda sing and rap together at her barbershop. When he leaves, she pistol whips a man for disrespecting her father and sitting in his chair. He tells her he is enjoying working with her and tells her he will put her on two more tracks on his album. Anika and Rhonda chat at the former’s house before Andre arrives. Rhonda tells Anika how much she has enjoyed being away from the drama surrounding The Lyons. When Andre arrives he tells her he is still on his medication and wants to make things right with her. He tells her he has not been going to church and questions his faith in God. Rhonda feels relieved, telling him she was happiest when they were looking forward to their future, ruling Empire. Their talk is interrupted with the sound of Anika vomiting. She reveals to them she is pregnant by Hakeem.


Andre returns to work and tells his brothers he is ready to help Hakeem with the shareholders’ meeting he has coming up. He warns him that doing or saying the wrong thing could have him ousted as CEO. He warns him that their father will go after his new ventures, Antony & Cleopatra and their new app. He also tells him Lucious has reached out to him and he plans to talk things out with him. Andre meets with his father at a cemetery, in front of his grandmother’s grave. Lucious encourages him to talk to her. Andre tells his grandmother that things are better for people like them thanks to modern medicine and science, and that he wishes he had gotten to meet her. Lucious tells him how proud he is of him, and then enlists his aide in taking Empire back. Jamal presents his new song with Freda to Cookie and the A & R team. Everyone seems to like it, save Cookie, who feels it still needs to be tweaked and agrees his album should drop before the ASAs. Thirsty sends goons to the warehouse where the fashion line is being kept. They beat and tie up the security guard and steal all the merchandise. The next day Hakeem angrily confronts his father and demands the merchandise back. Lucious plays coy until he threatens to hand over the camera footage of the robbery to the police. Lucious reminds him that Lyons don’t snitch, and challenges him to handle his attack like a boss.

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Andre gathers the family together to deliver them news of Anika’s pregnancy. He pleads with them to treat her right and accept her baby. Jamal is not convinced, feeling if they are talking about heirs, then Lola should be mentioned. Lucious reveals he had a paternity test done on the girl and her father is a man named Marcus Jones. Cookie becomes irate with Hakeem for his carelessness and tells Lucious to write her off with money. Anika tells them she only wants a family for her baby and apologizes for everything she has done to them. Later, Cookie brings a big female rapper, Stacee Run-Run, to do a track with Jamal. He becomes excited until he learns her contract bars any other female rappers from appearing on his album. Jamal breaks the news to Freda, who seems to understand, but is saddened nonetheless. Later, Tiana performs at the shareholders’ meeting and Hakeem seems to do well answering the shareholders’ questions. Lucious interrupts him, barraging him with hard questions and bringing up the losses company has accrued under his leadership with the fashion line and app. Rhonda realizes Andre had a hand in sabotaging Hakeem. He tells her he is getting them back to being happy.

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The board votes Hakeem out and Lucious relishes in his victory. Jamal goes to record with Stacee, but learns she has left for Tokyo and will still promote his album, but record her verses from a distance. Jamal is not happy with the impersonal way Stacee works and tells his mother he wants Cookie back. Cookie is reluctant, which only maddens him. He offers Freda the chance to work with him again, telling her she reminds him of simpler, better times when he was making music his way. Freda, however, seems disinterested. Elsewhere, Thirsty takes an envelope of cash to an assisted living home to ensure “Ms. W” is taken care of. The old woman hums the same song to herself that Lucious’ mother use to. They are one in the same!


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