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Faith it Until You Make it: Who is Erica Dias?

Faith it Until You Make it: Who is Erica Dias?

Representing for every black girl in the room with my natural hair and nice outfit, in a predominantly white room, was an unforgettable experience.- Erica Dias Image of PR rep Erica Dias with Kontrol Magazine

Imagine walking in a room full of publicists and professional athletes for a profession that isn’t dominated by those who may look like you. What would you do? What would you do as a woman? Or, what would you do as a black woman?

As a black woman in America we often must re-adjust or provide a sense of comfort in a room full of individuals who may not relate to us. And, constantly we have to prove we belong by making “others’ feel that we are not a threat. Honestly, should we be the ones provided with a feeling of comfort? But, its America and Donald Trump is President, I know bummer! It seems that the country’s direction is heading backwards. Nonetheless, for Erica Dias, walking into that room to attend a NASCAR conference, was a piece a cake. As the only women of color in the room Erica knew she was supposed to be there. She was there to strategically align herself with other professional athletes and associates to represent her brand, The B Firm.

Business owner, public relations professional, fashion stylist and an all-around Black Girl who rocks, Erica Dias took the time to chat with me and discuss all things faith, business and fashion. With over 10 years’ experience, the Richmond, California native had the opportunity to style for popular reality television shows and big brand commercials. Erica’s former clientele consists of Doritos and Comcast, just to name a few. After relocating to Atlanta, Erica decided to step out on faith and partner in business with her sister, Ashley Jernigan.

During that time, she knew that styling for commercials and reality shows wasn’t all she wanted to do. As she had done often, Ashley spoke with God and asked for direction. Erica mentioned that when she moved to Atlanta someone told her to “fake it until you make it,” Her reply was, “No, I will Faith It Until I Make it!” Who knew that she had just spoke into existence the title of her future book.

I am a firm believer in speaking it into existence, I don’t sugar coat where my blessings come from.- Erica Dias.

Erica and Ashley launched The B Firm in 2012 to provide Marketing, Public Relations, Promotions and Brand Management services to industry professionals in the areas of fashion, entertainment and the beauty industry, according to the website. The B Firm’s current clientele consist of, Sexual Perfume and Indiana Pacers player Dequan Jones. The B Firm was name Top Branding Firm in Atlanta in 2016 by the Atlanta Tribune and featured in Huffington Post.

Prior to becoming a stylist and business owner, Erica was a natural born go-getter. At the tender age of 15 she began interning for celebrity stylist icon June Ambrose. Whose work never went un-noticed in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Erica shared that June set the tone for her career in fashion at a young age.

 I called her when I was 15 years and told her I would do a telephone internship when I graduate high school for FREE.

And, just like that she interned for June Ambrose her last two years of high school. She didn’t meet the icon herself until she was 21 years old when she was asked to work on a Missy Elliot video shoot.

She’s my fairy god-mother in my head and my biggest inspiration. said Erica. Image of PR rep Erica Dias with Kontrol Magazine

With so much success with the B Firm, Dias doesn’t shy away from, the fashion world. Some of her current style inspirations consist of former First Lady Michelle Obama, actress Kerry Washington and Erica’s grandmother. She considers her grandmother to be her biggest inspiration when it comes to style and grace. However, her favorite go-to style is “ALL BLACK EVERYTHING,” you can never go wrong, said Erica.

She revealed that she may return to the fashion world as a stylist. But, in the meantime the B Firm is kicking butt and Erica’s book Faith It, Until You Make It, is available in stores and on-line at Barnes and Nobles.

So, what’s next for Erica Dias and The B Firm? She’s releasing another book titled No Filter, and her sister Ashley will launch a book titled After the Cap and Gown very soon. As the firm continues to grow the dynamic duo will add a location to Houston, Texas along with their California and Atlanta offices.

Erica’s goal is to give back and help others, especially women of color. She loves to encourage others and represent for black women.

Erica will begin the Erica Table of 20 event, a nationwide luncheon that will allow Erica to speak to other entrepreneurs to uplift and inspire them. In this year alone, Erica has held 25 luncheons. For more information on Erica’s event, visit The B Firm and Erica Dias social media outlets on Instagram and Facebook.

As a full-time entrepreneur, daughter, sister and friend, Erica makes it look easy! Erica is so good that she is able to brand YOU while still branding herself.

Photographer: Will Kennedy/Hair: Amaris Colvin/Makeup: Leele Marie/Writer :Shanice Warren


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