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Evelyn Lozada is Owning her Happiness

Evelyn Lozada is Owning her Happiness

Owning her Happiness
Written By: Whitney J.
Edited By: Michael J. Fanning

It can be said that when someone is in a place of genuine happiness and love that there seems to be a constant glow that radiates around for everyone to see. Happiness is not something you can fake. When happiness is genuine, it becomes a part of your everyday attire. Happiness does not have to be illustrated in a smile or expression, but it is a feeling that a person cannot help but to emit throughout their daily lives. Evelyn Lozada is owning that happiness and there is nothing you can do about it!

Evelyn Lozada for Kontrol Magazine

What’s New??

If you watch television, or are a member of any social media outlet, you will know that Evelyn Lozada is on the top of her game right now! She has a new love that she is engaged to be married to, Carl Crawford, who is a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers Major League Baseball team. Her beautiful daughter, Shaniece, is making her own mark in Hollywood with her modeling career; having just signed to the prominent modeling agency Wilhelmina, and who also play a pivotal role in Evelyn’s new docu-series, “Livin’ Lozada,” currently airing on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Evelyn is also a new mother to her one-year-old son, Carl Leo. Things are going great for Lozada, who just years back could be seen popping off to whomever was in her way on VH1’s show “Basketball Wives”. When asked about her new found happiness and glow, she replied, “I’m definitely in a much better space than I was a couple years ago, that has a lot to do with taking time off from my life to focus on things that I needed to focus on with myself such as anger issues and things that I was dealing with back then. I’m happy now because I’m in a happy relationship and I have a one-year-old son! Life is pretty good right now!”


Well it is no secret that Evelyn has her hands in different entrepreneurial ventures such as her makeup line “Vida Lux”, being a spokeswoman for the age-defying system “youthH20”, and starring in her new docu-series “Livin’ Lozada” on OWN. You have to admire the woman who has her own! Speaking on her different business entities, Evelyn is making positive strides and doing big things! Speaking on the start of Vida Lux, Evelyn states that she was inspired to start the make up line when she was experimenting with pigments and colors on “Basketball Wives” and was continuously being questioned about her make up, so she decided to launch her own line. When asked about the line Lozada said, “It’s been doing really good. I’m just at the point of expansion!” As a spokesperson for youthH20, Evelyn stands behind the product, stating “It’s been an amazing experience working with this company and while it started as a smaller company, it’s now expanded to the Vitamin Shoppe and people are really happy with it. It’s easy to sponsor a product, but it’s important to sponsor a product that you really believe in!”. Evelyn’s new OWN series “Livin’ Lozada” focuses on Evelyn’s new positive chapter in her life and her life as a new mom. When asked about working for OWN and transitioning to having her own series, Evelyn said, “It’s been the most amazing experience. It’s a whole new world! Everyone is so professional, and serious about their business and how they handle it. It is so refreshing to be able to be a part of a network like that. OWN is about uplifting and being positive and I feel like it came at a perfect time in my life!”

Evelyn Lozada for Kontrol Magazine

No more Basketball Wives….

Since leaving the “Basketball Wives” franchise as a series regular, the world can see that Evelyn Lozada is definitely in a different space. When things change for you, for the better, it is no secret that the change will affect everything that revolves around your life. So deciding to leave the “Basketball Wives” franchise and making things happen on screen with her new show seems to have been a major chess move in her career! Since leaving the show she states that she is now calmer, taking things one day at a time, and is learning to be a mother again, while also devoting more time to working on herself. Lozada states, “ ‘Basketball Wives’ only allowed you to see one part of me, but now with my new show you get to see all sides of me!”

Although having left the show, Evelyn states that she still keeps in touch with Shaunie O’Neal on a regular basis. She also states that she has done what she needed to do to mend the relationships that needed to be mended by reaching out to them. “If I’m no longer friends with people then that’s just the way it’s supposed to be. People come in and out of your life when they are supposed to be there. I’ve made peace with people that I’ve needed to make peace with by either reaching out to them or apologizing to them. I did that!” Speaking from a place of growth, Evelyn acknowledges her behaviors from the past and attributes change to making better decisions and not being physical on the show. “Girl what the hell were you thinking?!” is what Evelyn states she would currently ask her past self! This is a true sign of growth and maturity when you can look back on your past mistakes and take ownership of them! Not too many people will honestly do a self-evaluation for fear of tapping into something deeper and having to admit that their past decisions were flawed.

Evelyn Lozada for Kontrol Magazine

Evelyn Lozada is living and owning her happiness! She has new love, a new show, and a new child! We look forward to seeing the amazing growth and things to come for Ms. Evelyn Lozada! She is truly an inspiration that positive change can make for a better life and Evelyn is enjoying, “Livin’ Lozada”!

“Livin’ Lozada” airs Saturday’s at 9pm ET/PT on OWN


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