Exercise Does the Body Good!

Exercise is usually performed to start a healthier lifestyle. Many women make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight to look great. I’ve constantly seen the phrase come up on my social network news feed “Summer bodies are made in the Winter!” But did you know that exercise can also be helpful to your sex life? No not just allowing you to look better in the bedroom for your mate but it also can affect the actual act of intercourse.

With any act of exercise, when working on the full body, you are working on toning the muscles. Think about it, as K. Michelle so eloquently stated, you have to take care of your “Hot pocket”! With that being said, it would most definitely be included in the muscles being worked in your full body work out! You should also practice your kegel exercises daily to keep that “hot pocket” right and tight! Also with physical exercise you are building stamina. So let’s just say you have just finished indulging in the “50 Shades” series. Now you and your mate want to practice some experimenting in the bedroom. You have swings, restraints, whips and chains. This is going to take some strenuous work, but you are prepared for this. The squats with weights and spinning class have prepared your legs and the yoga has worked on your flexibility! Not only are you excited about spicing up the bedroom but you are proud because you know you got this! Now you surprise your mate with your eagerness and perform one hell of a show! He is satisfied and so are you! As you lay in the bed and think back to what you owe the success of the evening, you secretly smile knowing that you’ll be back in the gym tomorrow to perfect the even greater craft. Exercise is good for your mind, body, soul and mate!

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