Fashion FlashBack: Style Icons from 1950-2000’s

Vintage isn’t even the words when it comes to fashion in the 1950’s-2000’s. There were so many fashion divas that it was extremely hard to only pull the ones we selected. Kontrol has our top flashback fashion divas and we are starting from the 50’s.


1950’s: Marilyn Monroe 

marilyn 2


Marilyn Monoroe, orginally born Norma Jeane Mortenson was an American actress, model, singer, and major sex symbol. Not to mention a style icon. Marilyn was definitely not afraid to show she was sexy, and also loved off the shoulder and silhouettes.  Women to this this day still admire her style..



Marilyn Monroe

1960’s: Katherine Hepburn


Katherine Hepburn was an American actress in film, stage, and television. The actress was admired by her independence, spirited personality, and sense of fashion. Hepburn could be seen in a lovely blouses and gowns, but she loved a tailored look. High waist trousers, tailored suits, blazers, anything menswear inspired she wore and so many adored.







Tina Turner


Tina Turner is a singer, dancer, actress, and author whose success has spanned for more than half a century. Turner has received various awards in recognition for her talent, and also viewed as a style icon in the late 70’s for her amazing stage looks. Personally it seems Queen Bey may have received most of her tour inspirations for this icon

199062_tina_turner_scaled Tina-Turner_Proud-Mary Tina-Turner-tina-turner-3290937-804-1200


Chaka Khan 

Photo of Chaka KHAN

Chaka Khan is a singer and songwriter whose career has expanded and influenced so many for four decades. Through her music and style as well. Chaka expressed a free spirit style through many magazine spreads, at her shows, and is still looking fabulous, today.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 8.01.18 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 7.59.34 AM displayphp



Princess Diana

Diana, Princess of Wales, was the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales, who is the eldest child and heir apparent of Queen Elizabeth II. Many were a fan of her beautiful presence, personality, and especially her style. 

princess-diana,-picture-courtesy-the-celebrity-city_gallery_large Waleses At The Races American-80s-fashion-362

Whitney Houston

The one we all love. The beautiful singer, actress, and model is known for all she has done throughout her career. I am really excited to see her upcoming biopic to see how they capture her career and style.

whitney-houston_GB item5.rendition.slideshowWideVertical.whitney-houston-fashion-ss06 Whitney Houston



Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson is a singer and actress who we all love for her early albums and of course our favorite film Poetic Justice. Here at Kontrol we love her for her fashion sense.

Paula Abdul Janet Jackson tumblr_n3yzub7XAS1tvpus9o1_500 111036810-janet-jackson-hollywood-1992


SexyDesktop Wallpaper Image

The beautiful Aaliyah was a singer, dancer, and actress every man and woman loves, for her music and tomboy style many young women mirrored and still do to this day.

Aaliyah tumblr_lxx5veroaR1r53m98o1_500





The Bad Girl Riri has not only proved she has a great following for her music, but for her fashion sense and style as well. Don’t get mad at Kontrol, she was awarded Fashion Icon  2014 at the CFDA Awards presented by fashion her self, Anna Wintour. You can say what you want about the Unapologetic artist, but you can’t say her fashion sense and style is not amazing.

photofun-222342122-e1401809637694 The  black Beautyful Oh Rihanna 2014 MTV Movie Awards

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