“Four Letter Word” You

Sometimes it starts with an F, L, or H and precedes to the word you as the conclusion. Warning to any best friend reading these words, I’m here to clarify that the end is near. Meaning that your friend’s current relationship is most likely on the verge of being over. One word of advice be extremely cautious if there is any tequila sitting too close. Alcohol and a break up don’t mix and it never ends pretty. Going through a break up is never easy and can honestly a devastating experience. Yes, even the strongest of us go through it. This isn’t the end of the world, but more so an opportunity to grow wiser. I too have had my heart broken and let me just say it wasn’t pretty or really that messy. No, he didn’t cheat on me, but it was a little worse he was my “Almost”.


Let me explain he was the guy that did everything right, but didn’t want to be with me. Our lives ran across one another on many occasions, but the moment was never right. Either he was in one state or I was in another. I was focused on my career and he was stuck in his. Long story short it just never happened and I had to erase the fairytale in my mind that one day it would. Then the day came when he said he was falling for another person. That wasn’t even the worse part he remained a perfect gentleman as he told me. It had to be the most heartfelt dismissal ever. I couldn’t even get mad, so I accepted what life was handing me at that moment.


Now as my closest girlfriend goes through the same experience of an “Almost” man I’m standing beside her through it all. He did everything right, but commit to her. There comes a time in life when we all learn to survive the break up and of course in a mature way, but trust me dropping “The For Letter Word(s)” feels so good sometimes. Always come prepared with the essentials like; Kleenex, wine, ice cream, cookies, cheesecake, and jokes. Reminder I said nothing about matches, lighters, gasoline, or bleach. We will survive this!

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