Fox’s Gotham Announces Two New Villains to debut in Season 2!

Gotham has been one of Fox’s breakout hits this year. Alongside Empire, the show has scored some major ratings to what many had become to consider a dying network!  Earlier this year the show was unsurprisingly renewed for a second season and the producers of the show promise a better season than the one that already has us hooked. With Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett-Smith) exiting the show permanently that leaves room for new and familiar Gotham villains. Do the names Mad Hatter and Clayface ring a bell?


Mad Hatter, naturally, is based on the character from Alice in Wonderland and is a technical genius. What he lacks in strength and fighting prowess he makes up for with advanced technology that can control the minds of others as well as virtual insanity. Clayface is one Batman’s few super powered villains, with the ability to shape-shift and form his malleable, clay-like form into weapons. Surprisingly there have been four of Clayfaces! There is no word on which version of the character we will see, but all are truly evil. This marks the first live action versions of both villains and one has to wonder how they will introduce them onto the show. Thus far we have seen Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Joker, Penguin, Victor Zsasz, and even Scarecrow. Batman’s rogues’ gallery is growing and he is still a kid. Grow up quick Bruce, the city needs you!


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