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Get Curly Hair without a care! Make Your Own Hair Magic with The Curl Sponge!

Get Curly Hair without a care! Make Your Own Hair Magic with The Curl Sponge!

Hair care and products number in the millions. Everywhere and everyday there are more and more gimmicks that promise to make your hair glow, give it volume, or some super power that seems to defy the physics. One product is keeping it real and simple for a change–introducing “The Curl Sponge!” The Curl Sponge is an amazing hair accessory created by Atlanta barber, Youssef The Barber. It caters to the growing natural, curly hair style trend that is taking the country by storm. When combined with a holding spray the sponge actually creates curls by rubbing it in a  light, circular motion; using the circular holes cut into it to curl the hair! This process is almost instant and when combined with a holding spray curls and maintains the style for an extended period of time. The sponge has become so successful celebrity barbers use it as one of their go to accessories when styling their famous clients. Usher Raymond was rumored to be a big user of the sponge while he rocked his famous burst fade.


I was first introduced to The Curl Sponge about three years ago when I wanted to give my hair a more natural look. Waves were nice, but curly hair own guys, especially African-American men was in and becoming more and more popular. Naturally, I wanted to be apart of the trend. My barber then used the sponge on me and I instantly viewed it as hair magic. The compliments I received then, and now, for my curly hair have never stopped. The product is nothing short of wonderful and if a quick, curly style is what you desire then you must have this among your hair care accessories. This amazing trinket is to be used daily and has no negative side effects. It does exactly what it says it will do–curl your hair! Ladies fear not! The Curl Sponge is unisex, any girl with a low and natural cut will find it to be her new best friend.

My "curly" burst fade thanks to "Curl Sponge" and celebrity barber, John "JD" Dillard of "Barbers, Inc. TV."
My “curly” burst fade thanks to “Curl Sponge” and celebrity barber, John “JD” Dillard of “Barbers, Inc. TV.”

Youssef The Barber, creator of The curl Sponge
Youssef The Barber, creator of The curl Sponge

It is not often we get to talk with the creator of such a magnificent device. Besides being innovative and an inventor, Youssef The Barber, is an Atlanta based barber with a successful shop, “Diamond Cuts” in Riverdale, Georgia. He has been cutting hair since he was thirteen, and a professional barber for the last eight years. How found inspiration to create the sponge from a method used in Africa, he goes on to reveal; “I went through many test models made by hand until I got an easy grip [and] effective method, and had a manufacturer duplicate it.” As complex as the hair tool was, he found it just as easy to name it. “Naming it was simple because it was the first to be a sponge that curls hair, ‘curl sponge’.” However, other companies have tried to make their own hair sponges, but none are as effective his design thanks to its aforementioned “easy grip,” with gives the user more manual control and dexterity. ”

Before (l) and after (r) using The Curl Sponge
Before (l) and after (r) using The Curl Sponge

You can order your own Curl Sponge, and their future product line for purchase or wholesale on the company’s website, www.DiamondCuts.squarespace.com. Get your own curly head of hair without a care NOW! You can follow Youseff and his amazing Curl Sponge on Instagram @curlsponge and Twitter @TheCurlSponge.


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