Kontrol TV Chats It Up With The Soulful Glenn Lewis

Glenn Lewis is back! The Toronto native has returned with a hot single (“Can’t Say Love“), that’s buzzing around the nation and a new album on the horizon. Recently Kontrol TV correspondent Candy sat down with no other then the soulful voice of Glenn Lewis. We wanted to know where this great voice went and where he has been.


How have been where have you been?

I’ve always been working  on music. Always staying busy that way. In and out of situations and for one  reason or another just business wise and timing wise it  didn’t pan out. Back now in a situation with Ruffhouse/Capital got the album coming out October  15th entitled Moment of  Truth. Got the single Can’t Say  Love.


Is your single based on real life?

Lol. I have been getting that  a lot. Its speaking from experience more than anything else, knowing what its like to have  someone that has a hold on your heart, you  may move from that situation you might grow distant but that person has a way of having that  effect on you no matter where you go. Pretty much based on past  experience.


What advice would you give young gentle man who are trying to get in the game now?

Find you, Find your voice.  I would say there is a creativity that comes with the business.  The creative that comes in the studio that’s your outlet for artistry. Let  loose and explore, but there is a creativity that comes in the business. A lot of  times we get complacent as artists and take it for granted and think its all  about us and buy into our own hype. But there  is a group of people behind you making it  happen. Take interest in that as well. Be about your business, respect the  business if you really wanna be apart of this business respect it, gotta be a  student in the game. 

Fashion wise where do you get your fashion sense from?

I  like certain labels like from day to day like G-Star  and Diesel. I like a great pair of  shades. I am an accessories type of guy.

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