Glitter and Glow for the Gawds!

Summer. Sexy. Skin. It’s time for you to Glow!


As the temperature goes up, the clothes start to come off. We all want to be hot, as in desirable, but don’t want to be hot, as in melting away from the heat. Light layers are in order, if not just simply living in swimwear, when appropriate. One way to embrace the warmer weather and show off a glow is with the help of products that shimmer. Below will be a list of products that can be beneficial to you and your summer glow.



PRO TIP 1-Exfoliate!

This is simple and cannot be stressed enough. Remove all dead skin from your face and body. You can chemically exfoliate or manually exfoliate, just remove all dullness from your skin.

Hidaya Skincare_scrub

PRO TIP 2-Moisturize!

After the dead skin is gone, add moisture to your skin. The goal is to be summer sexy, not Ashy Larry! This tip applies to everything from head to toe!

Vaseline Intensive Care


FENTY Beauty Pom-Pom

If you want to get a light glow, try Fenty Beauty’s Fairy Pom-Pom. This cute vanity piece/limited edition beauty product uses the idea of the old-school powder puff with a new school kind of glow. The rose gold/pinkish glitter is light, but still packs a glowing punch.



Sol de Janeiro Glow Oil

If you like the feeling of smoothing something over your skin, give Sol de Janeiro a try. The Brazilian company is known for their Bum-Bum Cream. Now, they have a limited edition dry oils to help the sun rays bounce off your glowing sun-kissed skin. The Glow Oil comes in two different shades: Ipanema Sunset and Copacabana Bronze. They look good on all complexions and should be in your possession.

SdJ_glow oil

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Shimmering Body Oil

Tom Ford can do no wrong. In this case, it is no different. Imagine the sweet hint of the ideal summer scent, Soleil Blanc, and glitter to help enhance your glow. This oil is in a nice pump and easy to spread over the body. Nothing says luxury like Tom Ford.



If you do not wish to spend the funds for the items above, go the DIY route. All you need is a liquid, usually a setting spray, facial mist or oil and your desired highlighter. Simply crush the highlighter into a loose powder form, pour into the liquid and shake well. Once combined, apply.

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Get the latest fashion trends, the best in beauty, entertainment news, and culture to know delivered daily.