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Go Deep With Derek Roman: He’s A Bed Breaker!

Go Deep With Derek Roman: He’s A Bed Breaker!

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McKinley Freeman, just one of VH1’s “Hit The Floor” series yummy eye candy, recently took time to sit down and chat with Kontrol. The handsome cupcake enthusiast and former IBM employee spilled some juicy details on, Sex, Relationships, and his cast crush. Mr. Freeman is so much more than just a hunky actor. With a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, and an MBA in Marketing and Management Information System he seems to be the perfect guy. Hold on to your panties though, there’s more! Born David Freeman, he started using his middle name, McKinley as an alias while modeling. This Illinois native got his modeling start in Atlanta, which eventually lead to attending his first casting as an Actor.

With a regular workout routine of cardio and a few stolen moves from local trainers, McKinley keeps his Zeus like figure easily in tact. Although cardio is his least favorite part of his workout, he believes in doing everything in life with Passion, and I mean EVERYTHING.

When I asked if he had one “Go to” bed breaking move, admittedly Mr. Freeman said he has broken a few beds in his day. Which isn’t hard to believe at all.


“I’ve definitely broken a few beds, but I don’t know if I have a signature. I don’t have a finishing move like on Mortal Kombat. Life is complicated enough, sometimes the best things happen out of spontaneity…you’ve got to take things as they come. You’ve got to be flexible, I guess flexibility is important” he said with a chuckle.

derek roman, mckinley freeman, htf, hit the floor

Keeping my professional hat on, all the while with a grin on my face, I ever so subtly moved on to the next question.

Luckily for all of us McKinley is single, and just wrapped up shooting the second season of “Hit The Floor”. If you’re in the L.A. area and want to catch his eye here’s what you need to know. He likes a challenge ladies, there’s nothing like a great mind FCUK before hitting the sheets. If you can keep him on his toes, and have an interest in trying new things you may have a chance. Originality, and thoughtfulness will also score you some major points. Freeman favors the little things.

“I appreciate the process of someone actually thinking of doing something for me…the idea that someone takes time out of their day to do something on my behalf, is something I don’t take for granted”.    

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Are you swooning yet? McKinley also said he’s Boob, and Butt guy, can we say gluttonous? Then again, with a guy like him you’ve got to have it all. In addition to Modeling, and Acting he is also a Writer and Producer. As Co-Producer of “The Best Thanksgiving Ever” McKinley will share his big screen production with the world this Fall. As a published writer of a collection of poetry based on his interactions with his Twitter followers, McKinley is soon to publish Volume 2 of his book, “@McKinleyFreeman”.

Acting as Derek Roman on “Hit The Floor”, Freeman Closed Season one by finally getting his chance with Asha Hayes, one of Roman’s Basketball team dancers. Season two opens with the two sharing “passionate” moments in bed, and Ms. Hayes is looking pretty flexible! Episode one is serving plenty of drama, scandal, and skin. I personally enjoyed the episodes closing hot tub scene. McKinley is home relaxing after a game win, when Asha comes over to break things off with him. Rightfully so, she tells Derek how she can’t walk away from him despite the severity of the potential consequences she could face should anyone find out about them. Derek accepts Asha’s petition to stick their “situationship” out, under the condition of strict confidentiality by standing up and revealing his perfectly sculpted nude glutes! He pulls her into the hot tub for another round of Passion, and I’m just like-DAMN! “Season two is giving people what they’ve been waiting for…more drama, more suspense and more twists and turns”, indeed it is!

If you have not yet checked out the show, do yourself the favor. Hit The Floor airs on VH1, every Monday at 9/8c. Volume one of @McKinlyFreeman is available now for download on your Kindle ladies! Make sure you follow him and tweet him something original and maybe you’ll make it in the book! Unfortunately he wouldn’t disclose his age, but does it really matter when you look like that?

Naming Kimberly Elyse as his cast crush, he spoke highly of her stating that she, “epitomizes the constant professional, and is always concerned about others… I have very genuine admiration for her”. Over all I’d have to say Mr. Freeman is a class act. Sexy, Intelligent and talented only describe a mere fraction of who McKinley is, and to think he can cook too!



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