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Going Oral: Spit Or No Spit?

I remember the first time seeing a woman spit on a penis while performing oral in a XXX movie. Needless to say I was by far disgusted but left guessing, “Does everyone do this?” So me being who I am I had to ask. No, I didn’t ask any girl I went straight the receiver and asked a man. He was actually a heterosexual guy I befriended over time. He would ask me questions about my world being a gay man and I would do the same with him. During one of our many phone calls I flat out asked him and he was pretty much on the fence about it. So again me being who I am I had to try it. At the time I was dating this particular guy for a moment and decided to at least drool on it oppose to dispensing an entire glob on him. During our intimacy (only oral) I thought I did it in the sexiest way possible up until he had a questionable look on his face. Just my luck once I tried something from a flick and it grosses him out oppose to turning him on.

 black couple kissing

Fast-forward to present day I can say I’ve done it a few more times with elements to assist me. For example, when performing oral sex first be in the mood to do it. Any guy will tell you that he enjoys it more when the person doing it likes it. Ladies and my fellow gays you have to do it with passion and excitement. This intensifies his desire for you even more. Now as always this is NOT a handshake and should only be done with someone you have build a mature and responsible sexual relation with. Your body is your temple and shouldn’t be mistreated by you or anyone else. I also advise to use different things like caramel, honey, whip cream it changes up the flavor in case you’re a gagger.


I prefer to always mix it up to keep things new for him and me. Oral is something to be enjoyed when giving and receiving. The idea is for the penis to be lubricated thoroughly with saliva as you stroke him with you lips. Using the suggested flavors help you accumulate saliva and not drying out. Get in touch with your sexuality as you’re “performing” and be connected to the moment. As you gather enough saliva pull back and have it slowly drizzle on the head of his penis. By this point he’s most certainly watching you. Look him in his eye place his penis right back in-between your lips before the saliva touches his testicles. See once approach the testicles you’re in a whole other field. Take notes ladies!

(No worries I got you covered next time!)

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