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Gotham- “Rise of The Villains: By Fire”

Gotham begins with Jim going over board while interrogating an informant and beating him. The members of The Strike Force report him to Capt. Barnes. Capt. Barnes admonishes Jim for his behavior, reminding him there are lines they cannot cross. Elsewhere, Selina hides Bridgette at her home and comes up with a heist that will give her enough money to leave Gotham and escape police. Bridgette is apprehensive, but is glad Selina cares for her. Theo questions Butch’s motives for betraying Penguin and wanting to join him. He shows them his mangled hand. Barbara and Tabitha suggest putting weapons on it. Theo allows him to stay and then releases a congressman he was threatening to hang as long as he endorses him.

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Butch goes to Penguin with a mallet for a hand. Penguin questions its usefulness and then becomes angry when he reveals he has yet to find his mother. He checks Butch’s conditioning and then demands he find his mother immediately. Selina and Bridgette break into a Black Market slave auction for women. Bridgette wants to free them, but Selina demands she stick to the plan. Selina gathers the criminals’ money while Bridgette holds them at bay with her flamethrower. Alfred trains Bruce in boxing and teaches him to fight dirty against his enemies. Bruce excels at the lesson, but becomes distracted when Alfred tells him Silver called. He is swiftly knocked down. The next morning the girls relish in their haul. Selina advises her to head south out of Gotham and then go wherever she wants. Bridgette thanks her for her help and prepares to leave, but her brothers ambush them and kidnap her. Theo sees through Butch’s plans and realizes he has been brainwashed by Penguin. He tasks his sister with deprogramming him. That night at dinner, he asks Bruce to think of them as his family.

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Jim views footage from the slave club Selina and Bridgette robbed. There, Jim recognizes Selina and has Harvey question Ivy on her whereabouts. Harvey manages to get the information out of her, but warns Jim about going after Selina solo and quietly. Selina returns home to arm herself and rescue Bridgette. Jim tries to surprise her, but she is there waiting for him with a shotgun. She initially refuses to help him find Bridgette, but relents when he promises to keep her safe. Meanwhile, Bridgette’s brothers handcuff her to a wall and torment her with firecrackers. Ed overhears Lee and Kristen talking, where she states she wishes that Ed had more of a dark side. He invites her to dinner that night. When they release her she burns them to death with her flamethrower! By the time Jim and Harvey arrive they find their corpses crisp and smelling like barbecue. Jim questions Selina on who hired the Pike brothers, she reveals it was his “friend,” Penguin. However, she does not know why he would target Wayne Enterprise buildings.


Jim tells Capt. Barnes about Bridgette’s troubled past, and his promise to Selina, but the latter has no mercy. He tells him to take her down when he sees her. Bridgette returns to the slave club, burns the announcer alive, and releases the captives. Outside she is confronted by the GCPD. Jim tries to reason with her, but she refuses to listen. An officer shoots her fuel tank, angering her. She burns one of the squad cars, causing it to explode and engulf her in flames. Jim tells Selina of her friend’s demise, losing what little trust faith she had in him. Elsewhere, Ed and Kristen make love after a romantic dinner. She tells him she is still afraid of Officer Dougherty. Ed confesses he killed him to protect her. Kristen tries to leave, calling him a freak and threatening him with prison. He grabs her and covers her mouth and chokes her, all the while telling her the details of what happened. When he stops he realizes she is not breathing and has died. All over Gotham war brews as Penguin’s men arm themselves to rescue his mother; and sadness ensues as Selina mourns Bridgette and Ed mourns Kristen. It is revealed Bridgette is alive and taken to Indian Valley, a Wayne facility where “monsters” are experimented on.

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