Gotham- “Rise of The Villains: The Last Laugh”

Gotham begins with some less than ethical interrogation methods and Jim and Harvey take to the streets, determined to find out more information on Jerome and the Arkham inmates. Whoever does not answer them with the right information is thrown out of a window to a pile of trash below. Elsewhere, Barbara and Tabitha bask in the afterglow of lovemaking. They are interrupted by Galavan, who commends their romance and declares he is going to help Barbara destroy Jim. Back at the precinct, Jim takes charge and directs them towards leads. He demands none of the officers ever forget the massacre that has occurred and bring her murderer to justice. Lee tries to comfort him, but he resists. She tries to invite him for a night out, but he still refuses until she tells him a magician will be there. They laugh together and he kisses her. They go after, the blind fortune teller, Jerome’s father, but Tabitha and Jerome beat them there!


Jerome bind and gags his father, berating him for not being a good father and allowing his mother to mistreat him. He explains his elaborate plan to kill him and using braille and knockout gas to implicate him in the prison break and escape. His father tells him he will be a curse upon Gotham with a legacy of death and madness. Just as Jerome prepares to kill him Harvey and Jim arrive to question him. They break down the door when they hear a noise. Jerome stabs his father through the eye, killing him and releasing knock out gas that affects Jim and Harvey. Jim tries to fight him off, but is taken out by Tabitha and Jerome. Elsewhere, Bruce and Alfred attend the gala at the children’s hospital. There they make Lee’s acquaintance and Bruce bumps into Selina. He tries to talk to her, but she dismisses him and continues to case out the crowd looking for her next victim. Galavan and Barbara begin the next phase of his plan, while Jerome and Tabitha take the scheduled magician’s place with the real magician held hostage in a trunk!

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Galavan entertains the deputy mayor, but is taken back by his sister’s attitude. Alfred flirts with Lee, inviting her out for dinner and complimenting her eyes. Bruce demands to leave, but she convinces him to stick around and see the magician. The crowd is mesmerized by Jerome and his parlor tricks. He then picks Bruce out of the crowd to be apart of the show. The place him in a box to be sawed in half much to Alfred’s protest. Jim and Harvey regroup and recover at the precinct, the former does not believe Jerome’s father was behind everything and decides tomorrow they will go see Penguin for information. Back at the gala, Jerome, assisted by Barbara, calls the deputy mayor up for their next trick. Lee realizes something is familiar about them and realizes their identities. She tries to call Jim, but is snatched away. Jerome warns the crowd that no one is leaving alive and throws a knife into the deputy mayor’s chest. As gunfire erupts, Alfred tries to protect Bruce and tells him to flee, he, however chases after Selina. She pulls him away to safety. Jerome calls Jim from Lee’s phone, and broadcasts on live television her being held hostage. He makes a series of silly demands and tells them if they are not met he will kill her in ten minutes. Galavan tries to steal the scene and pretends to be a hero. Barbara knocks him out with a mallet. Jim orders the officers to go in.

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Selina leads Bruce to an escape route below the building that she used to sneak into the party. Bruce tells her he has to go back for Alfred, but that he misses her. Jim sees her as she is leaving and uses her route to get into the gala. Inside the gala, Jerome and Barbara continue to torment Lee and the other guests. Jerome demands to know Bruce’s whereabouts. When he refuses to show himself he threatens to kill Alfred. Before he can show himself Jim stops him, but he fearlessly declares he will not let him hurt Alfred. Bruce slips Alfred a gun from Jim and is taken hostage by Jerome. They demand he release Bruce, when he suddenly Galavan stabs Jerome in the neck, killing him. Barbara escapes through a trap door. Harvey goes to visit Penguin, there he threatens him and reminds him he will always be Fish’s “little umbrella boy.” At the gala, Jim commends Bruce for his help. They thank Galavan for his help and Alfred tries to flirt with Lee more. Jim asks her to kiss him while Alfred, Bruce, and Selina look on. Elsewhere, Tabitha looks on as Barbara and her brother flirt. All over the city Jerome’s mad laugh inspires madness and murder in others, reiterating the curse his father foresaw.


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