Happy Birthday To Christal Jordan aka Ms Enchanted PR

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite women in Atlanta Ms. Enchanted herself… Christal Jordan. Christal is the CEO of Enchanted Pr. and just w=one of the sweetest ladies you will ever meet. This past Sunday she celebrated her birthday in in true enchanted style EVERYTHING PINK style over the weekend!



Christal  introduced us to a lovely new lounge called Food Therapy here  in Atlanta. Food Therapy is owned by Tamar Telahun with Chef Jose Flores.  Guest enjoyed GNO Margaritas and Mediterranean food and yes it was very good. A must try if your looking for something chic upscale and quaint! Christal Jordan is not only a great pr person here in Atlanta but a great mother, friend and business person to know. Happy Birthday Christal and make sure you guys visit Food Therapy!!!