It’s a Hard Knick Life

There was no miracle on Christmas this year for the New York Knicks. In Madison Square Garden, Washington Wizards point guard John Wall scored 24 points and dished out 12 assists in their 102-91 victory over the Knicks.  The Knicks were in a giving mood all day; giving away free looks at the basket, and giving John Wall free access into the lane.  Quincy Acy became a maleficent spirit toward the end, delivering a hard foreman shot and punch to the back of John Wall’s head.  Acy’s emotion, however misplaced, was the most fight the Knicks showed all day.  This lose is the latest in a season that feels more like an exercise in futility than a walk toward the winning path.

The New York Knicks president of basketball operations Phil Jackson promised improvement but life for the New York Knicks is harder than anyone expected.  Phil Jackson isn’t just a random name hired for publicity sake, though it doesn’t hurt he’s a Hall of Fame coach.  He’s one of the last remnants of the New York Knicks  championship teams from the 1970s.  While re-signing Carmelo Anthony has drawn mixed reviews, the enlistment of Derek Fisher as the head coach has proven to be a box office bomb. Jason Kidd’s success last season with the Brooklyn Nets made it seem plausible but 5-26 does not lie.  At this moment, the Knicks have the most losses in the NBA; a feat only the Philadelphia 76ers would applaud.  As the 76ers are trying to tank, the Knicks were trying to be respectfully mediocre.  Unfortunately for the Knicks life will continue to be hard; with the injuries mounting, morale falling and another atrocious three and half months to go, the New York Knicks will stay in a perpetual losing state of mind.