The Haves & The Have Nots- “Amanda’s Revenge”

The battle for Benny’s life rages on as Hanna begins this latest episode in a battle of wits pleading with Tony to drop his case. He staunchly refuses believing he knows what is best for their son. Hanna rips up his summons paper and demands he leaves. Candice warns her to show up to court the next day or risk him winning his case against her. Hanna refuses to listen and bitterly sends her on her way. Amanda cries and screams while having a nightmare, an alarmed Jeffery tiries toc check on her only to be rudely dismissed. She quickly leaves the apartment to get some fresha air. Jeffery looks on clearly worried about her frantic and erratic behavior. Back at the hospital, Byron, the homicide detective investigating Benny’s case check on Hanna. She tries to dismiss his advances and then reluctantly agrees to cooperate with him. Candice returns home enraged over Benny’s condition and her mother’s attitude. Jeffery tries to get her to talk things out to no avail. She abruptly decides she needs to party and opts to drag Jeffery and Amanda with her to a gay club. Jeffery tells her of Amanda’s actions, but Candice callously dismisses them. He resists at first, but gives in when she demands again he go with her. He tries to tell her he has nothing to wear besides his undershirt and jeans. She rips the cleavage of the shirt to make it look more “gay.”

Byron and Hanna go for a semi-romantic walk. There, he tells her about how his late wife was killed by a drunk driver. Hanna feels bad for giving him such a hard and agrees to let him drive her home again. Amanda sneaks into her professor’s bedroom while he is lying asleep in bed with his wife and daughter. She forces him to close his eyes, tricking him into believing she is putting a gun in his mouth. When he finally realizes she is bluffing, she leaves just before his wife inquires about a strange noise in the house. Jeffery and Candice go to the gay club, “Sabotage.” Candice tries to get him to loosen up, but he is clearly nervous. She tries to get him to identify with one of the gay subcultures they see in the club, but he feels like he does not belong with any of them. Jeffery is approached by one of the guys in the club who finds him to be cute. Jeffery resists his advances but has no choice but to entertain him when Candice leaves them to get better acquainted. The guy, Landon, gives him his business card and informs him he will be in town for a few months for work. He hopes they can have lunch or dinner. He tells Jeffery about the hardships of his own coming out and being disowned by his parents. Jeffery finds some comfort knowing at least his father still supports him. Landon pulls him onto the dance floor to celebrate his coming out. He and Landon sandwich Candice and began to dance lively.

Landon walks with Candice and Jeffery back to their apartment. Jeffery tries to wish him goodnight but Candice forces him to stay and talk. Landon sees how uncomfortable he is. Jeffery laments about how new this all is to him. Landon assures him it will get better, putting him at ease. Jeffery promises to call him soon and tells him he wants to see him again. Upstairs, Candice is alarmed to hear Amanda in her room giggling and stops in to check on her. She reassures her they will get her inheritance. Amanda informs her they must do it soon especially since her father is retiring as a judge to run for governor. Candice smiles, slyly planning to crash his retirement party. Jeffery thanks Candice for taking him out. he informs him she will be attending his lunch with his mother. Without a lawyer and no legal knowledge Hanna is losing her case. Candice steps in as her counsel, impressing the judge with her knowledge of court precedents. The judge delays his ruling for another day.

Jim thanks his staff for all their years of support and hopes they will support him as governor. The mood is soured when Candice interrupts him with a barrage of insults for he, Kathryn, Maggie, and The Harringtons. Maggie inquires with Veronica and Kathryn about Candice, both stiffly describe her as irrelevant. Jim brings her into his office to talk. There, he tells her he cares nothing for her anymore. Candice serves him with a real lawsuit this time much to he and Kathryn’s chagrin. Veronica leaves to meet with Jeffery for lunch. At lunch, Veronica asks Jeffery to put his sexuality to the side to get his father into office. She hands him a binder full of women willing to pretend to be his girlfriend on the day they announce his father will be running for lieutenant governor. The latter decides he wants to be truthful about his life. Veronica pushes back, demanding he does what she says. He hilariously taps his glass and calls Candice in for reinforcements. She rudely insults his mother and declares Jeffery to be out and free. Veronica tells her son she has something else to give him. Jeffery sends Candice to the car, not before she twirls in the restaurant wearing a “Pride Bitches” shirt . The other item Veronica has turns out to be a picture of the Black Sedan. She blackmails Jeffery telling him she will turn him in if he does not do exactly what she says.

Catch the latest episodes of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and The Have Nots” only on OWN, Tuesday nights at 9:00 PM EST.

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