The Haves & The Have Nots- “Amanda’s Room”

The Haves & The Have Nots” began rather steamy as Hanna and Michael almost have sex until Benny walks in on them. Naturally, it spoils the mood and Hanna suggests he leave. She tells him she did almost have sex with him but will not let guilt overrun her life. She is determined to pray for forgiveness, forgive herself, and move on. Benny, however, is very upset at seeing them together and demands he never come around again. Hanna dismisses him and reminds him who the parent is. Elsewhere, Candice demands to know what Veronica has on Jeffrey. He insists she leaves, but she continues to want to know what is going on. She tells him she knew about the incident at the Sarandon Hotel because of a spy she has there. He in turn tells her about Quincy and his antics at The Cryers’ home. She in turn advises him to stand up to his mother.



Katheryn searches the house for Jim only to learn from Celine he is not there and that Wyatt has been drinking. She immediately confronts him about his alcohol abuse and demands he get ready for the press conference. He outright refuses, revealing he knows all about his father’s conduct. Hanna arrives for her first day back. She and Celine immediately face off with the former demanding an apology. Hanna advises her to keep out of her way. Katheryn is happy to have her back and they catch up on Quincy’s appearance at her home. Hanna warns her he is dangerous, but Katheryn admits she got a rush off watching him beat Jim. Hanna is taken back at her affinity for cruelty. At the campaign office, Maggie and Landon are thrilled at the turnout. She advises Landon to keep the reporters away from Wyatt and steer clear of gay rights issues when it comes to The Harringtons. Maggie and David share a brief moment when she apologizes again. He assures her Veronica will be there and will act like the perfect wife.


Melissa arrives to see Jeffrey and tries to come onto him again. He realizes from her wording she has been hired by his mother to seduce him. Wyatt continues to refuse to get ready for the conference and reveals he has Jim’s phone. Candice returns to see Jim who finally agrees to sign over the money she is demanding; but not before trying to choke her and being shocked again! She frees him with War standing watch and allows him to clean up and change.  She offers War the chance to go straight once all this is done in thanks for his loyalty. He considers it. Veronica does exactly as David predicted, but demands Maggie keep her distance and do her job. Hanna goes into Amannda’s room to wake her, only to find a bloodcurdling scene…she is covered in blood!

Finally! We know who got shot! Amanda is down for the count. We also know Wyatt is back to normal and is disrespectful as ever. Katheryn clearly has not mastered the “slap-a-ho” technique!


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