The Haves & The Have Nots- “Why Didn’t You Tell Me?”

Jeffery Harrington (l) and Wyatt Cryer (r)
Jeffery Harrington (l) and Wyatt Cryer (r)

Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and The Have Nots” began on a sad, yet endearing note with Wyatt and Jeffery watching Lizzie’s funeral on television. Wyatt continues to reel from his involvement in her death and Benny’s injury. Jeffery comforts him, and advises him to stay in the house and follow his father’s instructions. He also informs Wyatt the man he hit was Hanna’s son and warns him again not to tell her. Wyatt confesses she already knows, and then begs Jeffery to stay with him awhile longer. Jeffery initially resists, telling him he can’t be around him for too long, still feeling an intense attraction him. He eventually relents. Meanwhile at the county hospital, Candice confronts Hanna about not telling her about Benny’s condition. The mother and daughter face off royally over the whereabouts of Candice’s son. Hanna promises to tell the police she has lost her child if she doesn’t reveal his whereabouts in twenty-four hours. She refuses to let Candice see Benny or tell her what’s going on. Their shouting match ends with Hanna giving her a swift slap across the face. Still desperate answers Candice harasses and intimidates the hospital staff and doctor on duty to give her answers. She even charges into a surgery room while there is a patient being operated on! she tells Hanna she wants him moved to a private hospital or she’ll find a way to do it herself. Her brutality proves fruitful when she is informed on her brother’s condition and then taken to see him. She finds it difficult to see Benny on life support and leaves a grieving Hanna to watch over him.

The Cryers and Harringtons arrive back at the former’s home. Veronica begins to question her husband and the Cryers, just as she asks Jim to confirm her accusations he interrupts her and sends Celine home for the day. She hesitates to leave, questioning him about the check he owes her. He reassures her she will get it, but in the morning. Veronica finds her to be too “familiar” and advises them to fire her.  Veronica resumes her interrogation, revealing she has pieced together Wyatt’s crimes in Jeffery’s car. She agrees to help them locate the Sedan by looking into getting the car codes without a police report. David and Jim go for a ride, leaving Katheryn and Veronica at the house. Jim sends a detective to find out what Hanna knows about the accidents. Veronica goes into the other room to call the car dealer for the codes, she successfully convinces them to disable the remote  tracking device and learns the address of the car’s location. She writes it down, and then covers her tracks by placing the address in her bra. She prepares to leave until she sees Jeffery coming down the stairs. Initially, they are happy to see one another until Katheryn questions Jeffery about why he was visiting Wyatt and his car’s whereabouts. He tries to cover for Wyatt, until his mother blows his cover. She is shocked and appalled at how dedicated he is to protecting Wyatt, even at his own peril. She tells him to meet her for lunch on Thursday at noon, he reluctantly agrees. She questions where he is staying. He does not inform her, he simply tells her it’s a female friend. Later, Jeffery walks in on Amanda as she dances in the den of their apartment. He can tell she has become more mentally unbalanced. Annoyed by his questions and presence, she inquires how much long he will be staying with them. He promises to move out as soon as he can.

The following morning, Maggie meets with David and Jim and advises them to resign from their judge positions the following week after they announce their gubernatorial bid. Their meeting is interrupted when Candice storms into Jim’s office. She is met by resistance from David. He reluctantly backs down when Maggie suggests they speak another time. David opts to carry on their business in his office. After they leave Candice uncharacteristically begs Jim to have Benny moved to a private hospital–even offering him $30,000 and an abortion. He brutally insults her, reminding her of their tumultuous past. He refuses to help her. She promises him he will regret not helping her for the rest of his life!

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