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The Haves & The Have Nots- “Maggie’s Plan”

The Haves & The Have Nots- “Maggie’s Plan”

Veronica continues to try and force Jeffery to do her bidding. She insults him by calling him a queen. He is taken aback by her wickedness and controlling nature. She then tells him to warn Candice she will show her what a “bad bitch” really is. The next morning, Hanna is interrupted by the detective reading scriptures to Benny. She feels he knows she is there. He insists and convinces her to grab a bite to eat with him in the cafeteria. Jim and David are impressed with Maggie’s choice for their campaign headquarters. Maggie demands that Jim and David not try anything with the female volunteers. She also inquires about Candice, asking if he slept with her.  Jim demands she butt out of his personal life. She warns him if she finds him doing anything underhanded she will leave the campaign. Before she leaves she shows them a composite sketch of the driver of the hit and run. It looks just like Wyatt.

Back at Candice’s apartment Landon and Jeffery meet for lunch and their first date. Jim and David try to devise a plan to locate the Black Sedan and help Wyatt. They also ponder what to do about Candice permanently. Jim reveals to him Candice is pregnant and that Amanda is suing them for her inheritance. David decides it is time to call “The Malones.”Jim resists, feeling they are too extreme. David takes his reluctance as a sign he still has feelings for Candice and insists he call them immediately.

At the hospital, Hanna and the detective talk over lunch. He questions her resolve, she turns to her faith finding inspiration in the story of King David and the loss of his son. He asks her what she will do if Benny does not pull through, wanting her to see all sides of the outcome. He seems to be falling for her. At lunch, Jeffery and Landon discuss his mother. The former tries to get him to open up when he discusses the lives of homeless LGBT youth. Jeffery wonders how any parent, including his could hate their child. He becomes more uncomfortable and abruptly leaves Landon speechless. At The Cryer’s home Kathryn’s patience with Celine has begun to thin. Veronica arrives to rendezvous with her and Maggie. The former tells her she should fire Celine. Kathryn feels it better to keep her friends close and enemies closer. They discuss Hanna and how well she knows her. She insists on having Benny moved, but Veronica warns her against it. Their conversation is cut short when Maggie arrives.

There, Maggie inquires on Candice’s identity. She receives the same chill from them as she did from their husbands. Maggie reveals Candice’s history as well as that of her child’s father, Quincy Maxwell. It is revealed Veronica represented his brother in court and that he has been locked up for life. She tells them where Quincy is and that getting him out might eliminate Candice as a problem.

Kathryn goes to see Hanna as she visits with Benny. She tries to get Hanna to trust her and get Benny moved to a better hospital. Hanna asks her did Wyatt hit Benny. Kathryn refuses to answer her, repeating, “I came here to offer help for your son.” Hanna refuses her help, asks her to leave, and resigns much to Kathryn’s chagrin. The latter leaves tearfully. Hanna arrives to court late. There, the judge rules in Tony’s father. The latter’s counsel inquires openly about organ donation. She pleads desperately with him to spare Benny’s life.

Catch Tyler Perry’s ” The Haves and The Have Nots” Tuesdays at 9 : 00 PM EST only on OWN. For more episode recaps of “The Haves & The Have Nots” check out www.heymikeyatl.com.



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