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The Haves and The Have Nots- “Protecting Wyatt”

Tyler Perry’s “The Haves & The Have Nots,” is back and the name of the game this episode is all about keeping Wyatt safe! A detective tries to discuss Benny’s case with a distraught Hanna. She resists his interrogation, wanting to get home to rest and return to her son. The two of them bond over his memories of his mother and his close relationship with her. Hanna sees how it mirrors her own relationship with her son. He offers her a ride home, to which she reluctantly agrees. Back at the Cryers’ home Wyatt’s guilt continues to haunt him. He even discusses possibly confessing his crimes, much to Jim’s dismay. Jim warns him to not do anything as he could bring about their downfall as well as that of The Harringtons. In a rare moment, Wyatt declares he never wants to get high again. Jim considers his admonition a step in the right direction. He consoles his son and promises to always protect him. Hanna arrives home and is walked to the door by the detective. He bids her a good night. She notices someone has cut her grass and becomes highly annoyed.

Jeffery and Amanda discuss their concern over Candice and her brother’s condition. The former questions the latter as to why she wanted a gun. She tells him she wants it so she can murder her parents and Wyatt. Jeffery is shocked by her confession until she admits she was only joking. She then tells him he should shoot his mother for her mistreatment of him. Candice visits with Benny and reminisces with him about great of a brother he has been to her. She forbids him to die and promises to fight to bring him back to health. Hanna arrives at the Cryers’ home where she soon faces off with Celine. After warning her to back off the two soon engage in a brawl. Jim breaks them up and sends Celine home for the day. Hanna asks to speak with Kathryn. Jim stops her to inquire how much she knows about what Wyatt confessed to when he was high. She reveals she remembers everything Wyatt confessed to including hitting someone and believing he killed him.  Jim calls Wyatt into the room to tell her what she recalled did not happen in a rather foreboding tone. He does not allow her to speak with Kathryn, but does allow her to take off as much time as she needs. Kathryn hears her downstairs and offers to take her to the hospital to see her son. She flatly turns her down. Kathryn heads to the hospital to talk to her, much to Jim’s chagrin.

Amanda and Jeffery check on Candice when she arrives home. She informs them of her brother’s condition. Amanda tells her of Jeffery’s plans to meet with his mother for lunch. He tells the girls he plans to go shopping the next day for a nice suit to wear when they meet. Candice is clearly not amused by his decision. Jeffery excuses himself to leave the girls to talk. They discuss Amanda’s inheritance suit, deciding to file it that day. Kathryn beats Hanna to the hospital. There, she pleads with Hanna to allow her to help. She is disgusted with the hospital staff and their treatment of Benny. She tells Hanna her son has to be moved. Hanna vehemently turns down her assistance, telling her Benny is better off where he is. She demands Kathryn leave.

Back at her home a frustrated Kathryn is confronted by an even more frustrated Jim. she tells him they have to have Benny moved. Jim flatly turns her down, saying Hanna knows too much and it is only a matter before she has Wyatt incarcerated. Michael, Lizzie’s grandfather, brings Hanna some food to the hospital and reveals he cut her grass. She is thankful for his help but wishes he had not cut her grass as it was one of Benny’s favorite things to do. He promises not to do it anymore and respectfully leaves her to visit with Benny. Candice confronts Jeffery about his decision to see his mother. She offers to come with him and encourages to stand up to his mother. She uses Amanda as an example of his much freer and happier he will be by choosing to be himself. He corrects her, warning her Amanda is falling apart. She then reveals her plans to take The Cryers down. Jeffery warns her not to on his father’s behalf. She assures him she is not after his family. Back at the hospital, Candice returns to see Benny. There, she faces off with her mother who warns her the time is winding town for her to reveal the whereabouts of her own son. Their fight is interrupted when Tony serves Hanna with papers for an emergency hearing to remove Benny from life support!  Hanna pleads with him not to do this to their son, but the remains steadfast with his decision.

Like Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and The Have Nots?” Catch new episodes Tuesday nights at 9:00 PM EST only on OWN!

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