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The Haves & The Have Nots- “Starting The Race”

The Haves & The Have Nots- “Starting The Race”

Amanda is restless as ever stirring in her sleep. She abruptly awakens and leaves her room. Byron (the detective) comes to see Hanna and informs her of the bench warrant out for her. He promises to get information from the D.A. about her case. She insists she is being locked up because of the Cryers and reveals she told the police of Wyatt’s crime. Back at the campaign office, Maggie compliments David and Jim on their looks and then informs them of the day’s agenda. Kathryn and Veronica arrive to find Maggie fixing his tie. After a few witty quips, Kathryn steals Jim away for a serious conversation. They keep up appearances by talking with smiles. She informs him of Amanda’s mental state. She reveals that Jeffery informed her she wants a gun to kill them. Jim makes light of the situation, but Kathryn blames Candice for the entire debacle. He promises to take care of both of their children, just as Kathryn warns him to do so before she steps in. Jeffery arrives at the office and meets Maggie, he discovers Landon is working for Maggie. The latter picks up on Jeffery’s uneasiness about revealing they know one another. Maggie warns him not to flirt with Jeffery. Veronica looks on angrily realizing the two of them know each other.

Tony and his lawyer come to see Hanna in jail, demanding to know where Benny is. They are convinced she has stolen him, as he was moved away privately in a helicopter. She is elated to know her son is alive. Landon and Jeffery discuss his mother, he is not too happy to be working for her. Jeffery insists she is not a bad person. He advises Jeffery to move away from him, to avoid her notice. Jeffery apologizes to him for ending their date, to which Landon insists he there is no need. He introduces him to one of the campaign helpers. Candice barges into the campaign office causing trouble for all involved. She demands to speak to Jim privately, but they all insist on being apart of the conversation. Kathryn demands to know what she is doing to Amanda. Candice reveals Benny’s death to them and how Jim refused to help her. Maggie demands to know her agenda, but Candice silences her. She demands a two bedroom condo in Atlanta.


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