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The Haves & The Have Nots- “The War Room”

The Haves & The Have Nots- “The War Room”

Tyler Perry’s “The Haves & The Have Nots” begin with a scene of intimidation as Jim learns more about his captor, War, and his past. Jim tries to flex his legal knowledge and reason with “business man to business man” but he fails when he realizes the hardened criminal is not afraid of him and loyal to Candice. He tells Jim she always comes out on top, and even if he were to escape he would never survive their neighborhood. Jim realizes Candice has some power in that area and is left black bagged and in the dark again. Elsewhere, Hanna and her friend clean up after the party and discuss the whereabouts of Candice’s son. The woman tells her Quincy’s mother moved to Atlanta and she has not had contact with her since. Benny tries to get Hanna to send Michael home, but she refuses and tells him to let him stay the night to sleep off the liquor. Benny goes to check on Candice and finds she has snuck out! He tries to call her to no avail and then questions his mother about her friend, Jeffrey Harrington. He promises to find and protect her much to Hanna’s dismay. She pleads with him to stay out of Candice’s business but he flatly refuses!

Tyler Perry's "The Haves And The Have Nots"


Wyatt continues to go through his father’s phone and reads more of his texts while drinking. At the Sarandon Hotel, Veronica begins to grow impatient waiting for an attendant to open David’s room for her. Candice arrives at Jeffery’s house to get ready for her night with Jim. She is surprised to find Jeffrey up and they discuss the recent events in their lives. He tells her about meeting Quincy and that everyone knows about her affair with Jim. Candice tells him she is not worried about Quincy and even confesses to messing with another woman when she was younger. She tells Jeffrey he needs a man and that she is going to send one to his door, and to kiss him when he arrives. She finishes getting ready and he finally goes to sleep for the night.


Veronica’s impatience boils over as she begins to threaten to have hotel staff fired for not assisting her without question. When a doorman finally comes he asks for her ID, but she insists her face and presence alone are enough. The doorman refuses, as it is against policy. She calls the hotel owner in the middle of the night and he immediately has his staff unlock David’s room. She cruelly pokes fun at the man for not helping her, sure he is about to lose his job. She walks into David’s room and finds it is empty. In Maggie’s room, David gets dressed and apologizes to Maggie for letting things go so far. He tells her she too can have a good man if she does nothing like this ever again. He is shicked to find Veronica in his room and a fight ensues. She pretends to calm herself down and then runs past him into Maggie’s room where she begins to beat her! Candice arrives to see Jim and their war of words ensues. He warns her she is in over her head and has no real power. She reminds him that she is the one in charge in their arrangement and anytime he forgets it she will remind him. She demands he sign an affidavit claiming he was madly in love with her and had a restraining order placed on himself. He refuses so she resorts to eccentricity to blackmail him. She undresses, revealing a dominatrix outfit and turns on a camera. She begins to record herself with him and invites a few of her friends over who are also into sexual games.


Who knew Veronica could throw hands? This episode has everyone going to war. Veronica vs. Maggie, Candice vs. Jim, Hanna vs. Benny! Which by the way, no one is pleased with the latter. Benny owes his life to his mother and her connections. Candice is a big girl who can take care of herself! Still, no one has answered the question of who got shot at The Cryers’ home!


Next Week—> Benny attacks Jeffrey, Veronica blames Jeffrey for his father cheating, Wyatt comes onto Celine, Veronica learns Jeffrey and Candice are living together, Candice questions what Jeffrey’s mother has on him!


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