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The Haves & The Have Nots- “Again And Again”

The world is on repeat in the latest episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves & The Have Nots!” Everyone seems to be dealing with the same problems and arguments, and trying to solve them with the same failed solutions–“Again And Again”. The show began with a Harrington Family civil war as a furious Veronica demands to know why Jeffrey was in Landon’s room and what they were doing. David tries to cover for their son, but “Ice Queen Veronica” will not stand for it. She demands Jeffrey ride with her away from the hotel. David warns him not to, assuring him everything will be alright and he need not live in fear of his mother. Given the ultimatum, he decides to cower in fear and follow his mother, much to David and Landon’s chagrin.


Benny finally arrives home and takes a moment to enjoy his surroundings. He breaks down in tears thinking of his near death experience. He and Hanna continue to disagree about Candice, but she promises to put their differences aside to celebrate his homecoming. While planning his surprise party, she unwittingly discovers Byron is in league with Jim.  Amanda slips further into insanity, calling Quincy to pick her up and help her earn a death tattoo. She tells him the victims will be her family. Even he finds her to be crazy. Candice flees her apartment when she learns from Amanda that Quincy has been searching for her. Jim hits the roof when his scapegoat for Wyatt’s crimes tries to leave the state. he has The Malones track him down and punish the man. Veronica tells Jeffrey he will continue to have sex with more women until it feels natural to him.


Veronica, Veronica, Veronica! Ruthlessness has a new name! This week Mrs. Harrington was colder than Queen Elsa. She truly believes she can turn her son straight. It was a proud moment to see David stand up for their son. In my opinion, his character has been somewhat weak when it comes to dealing with Veronica’s shenanigans. Can you say “Black Sedan?” The Youngs and Cryers are definitely headed to war with Candice and Hanna preparing to take down Jim for his evil deeds. Now if they can just manage to get along for a night for Benny’s sake.


Next week—> The District Attorney comes to re-arrest Wyatt, Candice reveals the whereabouts of her son 

***For a more in depth episode recap of “Again And Again” check out, in “Must See TV Reviews!!!”

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