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Healthy Monday: Connecting the Mind, Body, and Spirit

I read a beautiful quote the other day:

“You don’t have to choose between your sexual side, your intellectual side, your emotional side, or your spiritual side… Just combine them all into one powerful expression and shine that brilliant light all across this world and beyond.” 

How do you just talk about your personal life and your sexual matters so freely and publicly? I’m asked… and the truth is that I have developed such a beautiful connection between my mind, body, and soul and who that makes Isis as a Being.. and that grants me very real physical, spiritual, and emotional freedom. This quote helps to explain exactly why I am who I am and how I can go about carrying myself in the nature that I feel most comfortable. When you become rooted in who you are as a whole–Mind, Body, and Spirit–aah, it’s such an beautiful experience. Your spirit is contagious, it’s much easier to receive and reciprocate positivity. Your spirit becomes so free.  There is such beauty in realizing  that you can make whatever personal choices you want to make as far as who you are sexually, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually–collectively, who you are as a being. It is your choice. Now, it’s a must that you understand that every decision made comes with consequences and circumstances, but if you can accept that for what it is.. the choice is truly yours.

The second part of the quote elaborates on combining them all into one powerful expression [that is who you are] and then sharing that magnificent being to the world and beyond–meaning that when that connection within the Mind, Body, and Soul has been made, your spirit shines ever-so-brightly. Your spirit and character flows naturally, better helping that brilliant light of your’s to shine ever-so-brightly. That’s what I loved about the quote so much. You don’t have to choose between what side of you you’re going to show the world. [ I don’t know, when I read the word ‘sides’ in this context it makes me feel like you can only display them one at a time. ] The parts of our being–the intellectual part of our being (Mind), the sexual/physical part of our being (Body), and the spiritual and emotional parts of our being (Soul)–each of the parts combined, creates who we are as a whole.

Let’s delve a little deeper into the parts of our being:

The Intellectual Part of Our Being.

We spoke before about recognizing the beauty of our intelligence in Don’t Play Stupid: Recognizing Your Intelligence. Getting in touch with your mind and inner thoughts is a MUST. Connecting with yourself intellectually, the Mind, is therapeutic and completely necessary in the journey of learning yourself. How can you make decisions that will result in beautiful life if you cannot even recognize the beauty in and the importance of your own intellect? When you can become grounded in and take advantage of your brainpower, your innermost thoughts–[because those are the ones that come from really deep within; connection to the soul ],–and ultimately your wisdom, the opportunities will be endless.

When you choose to extend your intellect even further and apply it’s truth and beauty to the decisions that affect the sexual, emotional, and spiritual parts of your being, an even higher level of self-awareness and expressive freedom is obtainable.  Furthering the light that is your spirit to shine brighter than ever!

The Sexual/Physical Part of Our Being.

I think most people hear the word sexuality and only think of it in references to being heterosexual or  homosexual. When I think of sexuality I think of it in a whole sense–at least as whole of a matter as it is in my eyes–things like intercourse, turn-ons, intimacies, fantasies, aphrodisiacs, and yes, orientation as well. It is completely okay to be a sexual being. It is a natural desire and you don’t have to feel bad about feeling that. As I mentioned before, your connection between mind and body as well as between mind and spirit will affect how the sexual part of your being is presented, but that does not mean that your sexual being should not exist. Yes, depending on your spirituality/values/beliefs, expression of your sexual being may be circumstantial (i.e.- when your married; if you’re in a committed relationship) and you may choose to keep the sexual part of your being a private matter instead of being so open about it like I am, but it is absolutely advantageous to get to know all of what is your sexual being.

I also find that the when you are connected and comfortable with the sexual part of your being the intimate experience is so much more exhilarating and all the more beautiful when shared with another. I don’t mean you have to engage in sexual activity with anyone or everyone, but even sexual conversation is indulging in our sexual being. That is one of the reasons I’m always telling you about role playing and toys, and such. Getting in touch with the sexual part of who you are, the Body, is just as important as getting in touch with the other parts of our being.

The Emotional and Spiritual Part of Our Being.

Connecting with the emotional and spiritual parts of your being, the Spirit, are just as equally important and especially influential to who you are. In my feature with GG Renee and our friends over at All The Many Layers, GG asked me about ever experiencing depression or anxiety and how I had gotten through it and my answer was this:

“I have definitely battled with both depression and anxiety, but as I always remind myself, “what a privilege it is to carry everything to God in prayer.” That was the first part of my healing process. My faith is undying. After giving my burdens to God, I then made the necessary lifestyle changes towards happy and healthy. That meant less worrying, better friends, healthier living (mentally, physically, and emotionally) and as usual a closer walk with God.

To make sure I didn’t add on to the anxiety I already felt, I gave myself the time necessary to truly deal with and break through the pain my heart was experiencing and once I overcame those burdens I made sure that I would continue practicing the things that helped me be delivered daily. I fed my spirit and soul with the things that make me and God happy. Thankfully, I haven’t had to face either of those burdens since.” READ MORE

I feed my spirit and soul with the things that make me and God happy–really take that in. I live in such peace and freedom physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally because I feed myself with things that fill me up on the inside. I can’t explain it any clearer how beautiful accepting and connecting with the emotional and spiritual parts of who you are.

Collectively, you’ll find that when you’ve learned yourself in all that you are and have consciously made that connection with who you are as a being–every single part of you–you’re light will shine for all that is life to see. You’ll appreciate the vulnerability in such uniqueness and individuality.  GG also asked me when I felt most creative and I had to think for moment on how to put it in words; then it hit me:

“I feel most creative when I take myself seriously. I feel creative when I recognize my own light. My desire to motivate and inspire others, inspires me. I live in true freedom and peace physically, mentally, and emotionally and my heart yearns for others to know how fulfilling that is and to understand that it is obtainable for all of us.” READ MORE

It’s out there. That feeling of pure ecstasy; that feeling of fulfillment; that assurance in knowing who you are; truly living a free life–it is obtainable for each and every one of us. Get your shine on.


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