Hello, my name is Mary Jane and I am an ADDICT!


We would have thought that Mary Jane learned her lesson about Andre, but oh no…. not only did she “relapse” back into a relationship with him, her brother Patrick walks in on her giving him some sloppy toppy. To make matters worse, Andre and Patrick used to do business together.  After being rudely interrupted, the scandalous lovers end up in bed, Mary returns the ring and Andre leaves.

This episode focuses on Mary Jane and her brother’s relationship and parallels their struggles of being addicts. However their drug of choice differs, Patrick’s being cocaine and Mary’s being a married man. While Mary and her family are planning an obvious “surprise” party for Patrick, to celebrate his two years of sobriety, Patrick strolls into the kitchen and pokes fun at Mary. Keeping a cool, straight face, Patrick asks for help with his crossword puzzle, “What is another word for cheating?” Mary tenses up, and her mother unknowingly blasts her own daughter, condemning anyone involved in an adulterous relationship. Patrick is reluctant about the party, and his reasons will be revealed.

While at work, Kara approaches Mary Jane, requesting that she cover a documentary on a “Samantha Haven”. Samantha Haven is a young woman in the UK, who unfortunately passes away in her home and no one finds her body until 3 years later. Initially not wanting to cover this story, Kara’s convincing works on Mary. The story of Samantha Haven touches Mary and shifts something in her. We also get an update on Mark, in an attempt to revamp his show and struggling career, Kara arranging a meeting with some big wigs, but he is a no show.

Switching back to Patrick, we see him meet with a potential investor for a plan he has to develop a luxury food trunk business. After being rejected by the investor, Patrick’s sobriety hangs in the balance.

Alone in bed, Mary takes an online quiz, “Are You an Addict”.  Her test results reveal what we already knew, of course she is! Trying to go cold turkey, she deletes his phone number and discards his personal items. In true addict form, we see Mary screaming and in need of her “fix”, we see her demanding the deleted phone # from her phone provider.

The episodes closed with Mary and Patrick going “slumping” and roll up on their auntie’s house. Greeted by fried fish, hugs and Mary’s ass being squeezed by her “uncle”, we get to see Mary’s other side of the family. Her aunt seems to be a sweet, down home woman, with a house full of kids and a naked White man who she cares for. Patrick scores his coke on the low while there, once Mary and him part ways, he snorts up and she is back in bed with Andre.

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