Hey Mikey- “His Penis, Her Community Property”

Hey Mikey,

I am having a serious issue with my girlfriend of three years.  She has totally violated my trust, and I am not sure how we can recover from all of this. Pretty much I went on a business trip to San Diego, and while I was away I asked her to send me some sexy pictures of herself— some new ones. She bought some lingerie and did that; and then asked for some nude pix of me in return. I agreed, that’s my girl, and we sext all the time. I did not think anything of it until my cousin forwarded me those exact  pictures from a gay site; telling me there were pictures of me posted online.

I know I only sent those shots to my girl so I confronted her. She immediately begin to cry, apologize, and revealed she had been forwarding them to her friends–one of them is a flamboyant ass gay dude–bragging about my piece. These pictures have my face in them, and if they reach my corporate office or a client sees them I could be ruined. Is there anyway to erase them off the net? And what should I do with my girl? I’m not homophobic but I don’t want gay dudes drooling over my dick!


sexting hey mikey atl

***Dicknapped, BREAK UP WITH HER NOW! You cannot build with someone who has no forethought of the consequences of her actions, or the emotional maturity to know this is wrong. Unfortunately, the rule of the internet is once something is out there–it’s out there–and you cannot take it back. All you can do is learn from this and NOT put your face in nude pictures. That is the number one rule of “Sexting 101.” As far as the gay site goes, contact them and let them know your pictures are being used without your permission. Just keep in mind, so that you never go back this woman, that your dick now belongs to the net!

☆Need advice? Simply leave your question in the comments section of this post, or email me at  HeyMikeyATL@gmail.com. Be sure to pick a pen name! Thanks for checking me out! -Mikey ♡

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