Hosea Chanchez Says Pooch Hall Didn’t Show ‘Respect’ To BET Producers

Tell em’ how you really feel Chanchez…

Fans of the BET comedy “The Game” will sadly see the show come to an end after it was announced that season nine would conclude the series.

It was brought back to life to do fan-demand after taking a two-year hiatus from its original network home – The CW.

While decent in ratings since its move to BET, the show began to lose its steam. Once the lead characters-Melanie and Derwin-departed after season five the show wasn’t particularly the “same. However, change is inevitable.

Actor Hosea Chanchez, who plays Malik Wright, did an interview with The Good Life and opened up about the show’s finale, his character’s growth, and why he “doesn’t care” that Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall aren’t returning for the final episode.

Check out some highlights below:

On Malik’s personal growth amid his problems:

“That was my main objective for the last season, coming back to do the last season of the show, was to make sure that he had found some resolve in his life, and some form of happiness, and some form of maturity that allowed him to live life that we hadn’t seen on TV. The writers chose to do what they chose to do. Some of it, I agree with, and some of it, I didn’t – I have to be honest with you.

He added:

 I really don’t want to tell you guys what that is until you see it, and then I’ll comment about it then, and tell everybody, step-by-step, what I felt and what I didn’t feel, but the truth is, a lot of it, I just didn’t agree with personally, and it wasn’t what I wanted, but a lot of it also was. When you’re ending a character after ten years, there’s really no right way to do it. Nobody’s going to be happy either way, and that’s what I realized.

On what to expect towards the show’s end:

“You’re not going to want to know because nobody likes spoiler alerts, but I will tell you, a lot of choices will be made, and he will [Jason Pitts] will make a choice – you will see that for sure. A lot of conclusions will be tied up with the characters, and again, some of it you’re going to like, and some of it you’re going to hate.

On Mowry and Hall [Melanie and Derwin] not returning for the season finale:

“I really don’t care, I don’t. I mean, you know, honestly, I’ve thought about this every year like, ‘okay, well are they going to come back’. And then, at a certain point in time as an artist, as an actor, you’ve got to move on, and even with the producers, it’s like, ‘well okay, you know what? Whatever you guys’ decision was, whatever their decisions were, that’s between them and you guys’. I don’t want to really come to work all the time and have to deal with going backwards, you know?”

According to Madame Noire, Chanchez and Hall encountered a discrepancy in their association due situation that happened on social media.

On his relationship with Hall now:

“I haven’t talked to Pooch; I haven’t talked to him. I would consider us to have been close at one point in time, but people change, you know. People change and things change.

On the social media incident:

 “No, actually before whatever happened on social media, I hadn’t talked to Pooch since then. Like whatever Pooch was going through, whatever was happening in his situation, I hadn’t spoken to him at all, so I don’t even know. The only thing I knew was all this stuff kept coming up on social media, and I felt like at a certain point in time, it was no longer about him as a first person; it started to affect the rest of our jobs. It all started to affect the rest of us, and it was that inconsideration, or not being considerate of fellow thespians and fellow artists, for me, that a certain point in time, I was like, ‘okay, there’s just no respect here.'”

On Hall not having “respect” for his then co-workers:

 “I don’t care what you and BET got going on, I don’t give a damn what you and the producers got going on, whatever your situation is didn’t stem from the rest of these artists that are still here. So have respect for the show, have respect for the people that built something with you. It ain’t all about you because you didn’t do sh-t by yourself. So at a certain point in time, you need to have more respect for the people that built something with you. Now I get that people have their issues with networks, producers, whatever. But at the same time, you have to come to a place where you’re like, ‘you know what? It’s not just me. It’s just not me’. And if you don’t do that, that means you’re not considering the other people, and when you don’t consider the other people, for me, that’s when I’m like, ‘Okay, I’m not considering sh-t you got to say.'”

Well, so much for the whole cast reunion. For more of Chanchez’s interview click here. “The Game” airs Wednesday nights on BET.

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