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How Much of Celebrities Private Lives, Do They Owe to the Public?

How Much of Celebrities Private Lives, Do They Owe to the Public?


Singer, Beyonce being photographed
Beyonce being taking back by the flash, after being photographed

Back in March, rapper Logic, put out a written statement on his Instagram about how he was ending his two year marriage to his longtime girlfriend, Jessica Andrea. The two used to broadcast their relationship all over social media, and Andrea even had a YouTube channel, where she would make relationship videos with her soon to be ex-husband. But because they put their marriage online, do they owe the world an explanation as to why they’re ending it?

Same with A-list actor, Channing Tatum and his wife, actress, Jenna Dewan Tatum, who just released a statement a couple of weeks ago about them separating, after 9 years of marriage. They also stated, how now they will co-parent for their 5-year-old daughter, and how there was no scandalous events that took place leading to the separation. So yes, we have followed their relationship together since they starred in the 2006 movie, “Step Up,” but did they have to release a public statement about something so personal?

A separation or divorce is a very hard thing to go through, no matter who you are, so imagine if you had to have that play out in the public eye?

The celebrity craze has skyrocketed in the past few years. Pop culture has always had people interested, but ever since the social media era, we feel like we have to know what our favorite celebrity is doing 24/7, and know everything about them. This includes, wanting them to post every move they make, wanting to know what they’re doing and who they’re doing it with.

Not to mention, everyone’s a celebrity critic. People are judging celebrities for the way they blink. Yeah they’re celebrities who post everything they do, and some who are reality stars, but that’s doesn’t mean they have to share EVERYTHING with the public.

People have to realize that celebrities will share what they want us to know, and the rest, we have to mind our business on. For example, the Beyoncé, Jay Z, and Solange elevator incident is still a topic of discussion. And although Beyoncé and Jay have talked a little bit about the cheating in their marriage, and what might have been the cause of the incident in their music, people are still worried about what might have been said in the elevator. Besides Bey’s bodyguard, everyone in there were family; so should they disclose family information?

I don’t know about everybody else, but I was taught you don’t discuss your family problems outside the house.

With the social media craze, I think we also became disconnected from real life and reality. Meaning, for some reason, we seem to think celebrities are robots or some sort of fairy tale character. We believe they aren’t real people, with real feelings. It’s projected by all the people leaving nasty, negative comments under celebrities social media pages. When a celebrity goes through something in their private life, as soon as it hits the media, people head straight to their comments to attack them. What gives people the right to comment on something that has absolutely nothing to do with them?

When regular people go through things, we respect their privacy. We all know at least one person who will flood their timeline with posts relating to their significant other, but when their relationship is over everything is deleted. Then the sad or “uplifting” quotes, and unnecessary posts about them loving being single starts to follow. And although we might wish they would spill the tea on what happened, it’s not our business to ask. So there’s no reason as to why there’s a difference when it comes to celebrities.

So yeah, it was nice for Logic and Tatum to tell their fans/supporters what’s going on in their personal life, but they don’t owe them anything. If it was the other way around, we wouldn’t feel obligated to broadcast our relationship/family business to the public, so they shouldn’t have to either.



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