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How To Get Away With Murder- “It’s Time To Move On”

How To Get Away With Murder- “It’s Time To Move On”

The show begins showing how Rebecca was murdered–suffocated by a plastic bag! Annalise teaches her latest lesson on how to defend a spouse who has killed his lover from being prosecuted for murder. She calls on Wes in class after a series of question and answer lessons with other students. He, however, passes and demands she moves on when she singles him out and reprimands him for being late and unprepared for class. Annalise has Frank dispose of Rebecca’s body and not to tell her how or where he does so. Frank beleives Wes is the murderer. Later, at the house Michaela and Laurel clash over the latter using her engagement ring to keep her in line. Frank breaks them up, but voices his concerns over Wes’s misbehavior to Annalise. She still does not believe he murdered Rebecca. On television she watches the Lensherr case where two adopted children are accused of murdering their wealthy parents. She goes to see them and tries to become their lawyer. Their attorney, however, tells them about her own past with murder. She leaves her card with them and makes a plan with the interns to make their lawyer mess up. The interns are all hesitant, and for it Annalise berates them. However, her rant is interrupted by the arrival a mysterious woman.

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The woman is Eve Rothlow, a lawyer for Death Row inmates who she tries to get him to take on Nate’s case in Sam’s murder. Annalise pleads with her, telling her that Nate is innocent. Eve reluctantly agrees to help. Oliver helps Connor with his work, but is surprised by him standing there naked trying to get him to have sex with him. He rebuffs his advances, fearing he would infect him HIV. Connor is now on Prep, but it will not kick in for at least thirteen more days. Elsewhere, Wes researches the Lensherrs while Annalise and Frank discuss further whether he is guilty or not. She tells him she will not be angry if Frank killed Rebecca, but would be if he lied on Wes. He tells her he will clone the computers to see if any evidence pops up, but she declares she has a surefire way to see if he is the culprit.

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Annalise meets with Wes and lies to him telling him that they found Rebecca in a hotel in West Philadelphia and that she has not gone to the police. She tells him not to tell the others. In court, the defense seems to have the upper hand in defense of the Lensherrs, showing a video of their aunt at the spa, proving she was lying about seeing them at the scene of their parents’ murder. Bonnie says phase one of their plan is going well. Back at the house, Bonnie invites Asher over to her new place later that night, but he rebuffs her advances. The interns go to Frank about changing their phones out, but he dismisses them telling them to be patient about changing their numbers and then follows Wes. He believes he is going to find Rebecca but instead follows him to a convenient store. Eva meets with Nate, there he reveals Annalise framed him. She refuses to take his case, prompting him to threaten to take Annalise down with him when he goes to prison. Annalise tries to speak with Eva, but she dismisses and reprimands her for lying to her.

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Michaela texts the mysterious Eggs 911 contact. In court, it is revealed the Lensherr’s aunt’s footage was doctored and that the time stamp was from the wrong year. The judge reprimands the defense attorneym, who realizes Annalise has set him up. Frank informs Annalise that Wes did not go searching for Rebecca. She decides to cook dinner for him and flush it out another way. At the house Wes sees through her intent and tells her he knows she is lying. He tells her he will move on and get over Rebecca and apologizes for being rude in class. Later, Laurel visits Frank and asks him if Rebecca is dead. He tries to make her feel like she is fooling herself, but later feels she may be the murderer based on her past antics. Annalise tells him he has the wrong girl and goes to see Bonnie.

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In a flashback we see Bonnie offering Rebecca a drink and lying about Annalise agreeing to let her go. She then talks about her own life and tapes Rebecca’s mouth and suffocates her. Flash forward and Annalise tells her Rebecca was innocent. Bonnie claims she did it to protect Annalise. The latter calls her a monster just like Sam and leaves angrily. Annalise goes to Eva’s apartment distraught. The latter gets her a drink and tells her she was right, that she ruins people. She tells her she was wrong for mistreating her. It is revealed that she left her years ago for Sam. Annalise admits to framing Nate and that she did it to protect the person (Wes) who did kill Sam. They reminisce about their relationship and Eva offers her the guest room. Annalise kisses her, and Eva admits she thinks about her everyday. They begin to make out. The next day Annalise meets with the Lensherr siblings and wins them over by reminding them she is not on trial for murder. It is revealed that Asher is a spy for the prosecution in Sam’s case and is being blackmailed. Connor movies in with Oscar and later Annalise takes the interns to a club to let loose. The Lensherr’s aunt is found in her car with her throat cut, while Annalise continues to dance the night away with the interns. Two months later Wes is seen running from the Lensherr’s mansion with Annalise inside bleeding out on the floor!


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