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How To Get Away With Murder- “Skanks Get Shanked”

How To Get Away With Murder- “Skanks Get Shanked”

How To Get Away With Murder begins with a flash forward Nate to the rescue as his picks up the Keating 5, leading them away from the murder scene at Caleb and Catherine’s home. Michaela received a phone call from her boyfriend, and answers it, acting naturally at Nate’s behest. In the present, two weeks prior to the aforementioned event we find Annnalise in the tub underwater, seemingly meditating. She answers her phone, receiving a call from Nate’s wife, Nia. Nia requests she comes to visit her in the hospital. There, she praises and admonishes her for being with Nate while she could not, but hates how she tried to pin her husband’s death on him. She tells Annalise she is suffering badly and wants to die AND wants her to help her by getting some sleeping pills. Annalise is hesitant, but Nia insists she owes it to her. Later, Annalise meets with a new client, a teen girl, who is being accused of stabbing her best friend over fifty-two times with two of her other friends. The other girls claim she was the perpetrator of the crime.  In court, Annalise discredits the other girls as mean girls, trying to pick on and intimidate her client because she was new and trying to infiltrate their clique.


Annalise puts the interns to work, having Laurel and Connor sort through hundreds of files to discredit the psychiatrist they will put on the stand, while enlisting Michaela’s aide in finding out if Caleb and Catherine have been sleeping together as well as prep them for court. Meanwhile Wes ditches everyone to go after a lead on Rebecca and talk with Nate, while Asher fakes sick so his father and the prosecution can make a deal for his immunity. Michaela interrogates Caleb in his home and finds herself becoming attracted to him, as well as finding common ground, in them both being adopted. Catherine asks her if she is attracted to him, but she dismisses it and asks her about their nature. She tells Michaela she is a virgin. Annalise is distracted in court by Nia’s request and a recess. There, she asks Frank to get her the pills she needs. Nate tells Wes to lay low while he investigates Rebecca’s disappearance further. Meanwhile, Laurel notices their client is always on her phone, but Connor insists  it is typical teen girl behavior. The other girls in the case call her slut, Connor tries to comfort her, but Laurel does trust her. The girl’s phone comes up missing.

Caleb and Catherine How to get away with murder hey mikey atl

Annalise and Michaela take Catherine to a hospital to be verify she is indeed a virgin. Later, Laurel reveals she stole their client’s phone and found an app that hides private information. There, they find a video where their client admits to killing her friend, suggesting they kill someone else too, and saying “skanks get shanked,” copying another girl. Annalise shows the video to her parents and they demand all traces of it be destroyed…Annalise agrees. She tells the interns it is in the best interest of their client, despite Connor’s protests. In court, Annalise tries to pin the murder on the other girl, but is surprised when the prosecution has the secret video as well. They play it in court, and the girl tells the court Annalise’s client is the one they hated, not her friend, because she was trying to infiltrate their clique. Annalise’s client flips out and begins yelling at the girl telling her she was nothing without her, that she would kill her like she killed her best friend, and that she would kill her too. Annalise subsequently loses the case and realizes Connor leaked the information. Later, she tells him it is she who has his car, the car that Sam’s corpse was transported in, and that if he messed with any of her cases again he would regret it. Wes and Levi receive a tip from Frank’s friend who helped him discard her body. It leaves them to a graveyard.

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