Icandy of the Week…Ladies Meet Frankie B

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Frankie B

Instagram: rudegentleman

Age: 28

Hometown: Hampton, VA

Resides In: Atlanta, GA

Occupation: Engineer but is pursuing modeling and acting as well

Dreams and Aspirations: Wants to be an entertainer

Hobbies: Loves to draw and workout. “I wake up every morning and do what I call praying push-ups. This way I make sure I say my prayers before I start my day and get my workout in”

Frankie B comes from humble beginnings because he grew up as the “ugly duckling”. He speaks of times when he was heavier in weight and not considered attractive. Now that he has lost weight and become more desirable to women, he yet still remains humble. Frankie appreciates the security of a relationship. He would rather get to know one special person everyday than to meet a different person every day. He states that the randomness of serial dating gets old to him. He defines commitment simply put “Just Me and My Lady. When I am committed to someone I have the obligation to build something greater between the just the two of us!”

(Whitney J): What qualities do you look for in a woman?

(Frankie): I like a woman who is able to teach me new things. She has to be able to laugh at Family Guy! If she can laugh at Family Guy she gets my humor. I like a woman who is similar to me but also different meaning she can bring a new perspective.

(Whitney J): What are some of your turn offs? Turn Ons?

(Frankie): Turn Ons: Bold women, women who approach me Turn Offs: Can’t ask a lot of questions during sex, shallow and superficial women, club rats, and a woman who doesn’t speak her mind.

(Whitney J): What are the physical features of a woman that attracts you?

(Frankie): Nice legs, nice flat stomach

(Whitney J): How do you feel about religion in relationships?

(Frankie): Women have to believe in God. We don’t have to be the same religion but she needs to believe in the creator.

(Whitney J): Talker or Texter?

(Frankie): Talker! I will text you for a while but texting causes miscommunication. People can misconstrue tone and intentions with texts. I actually enjoy deep conversation.

(Whitney J): Date older or younger women?

(Frankie): I’ve dated older and younger women just as long as there is an attraction.

(Whitney J): How do you feel about woman paying for the date?

(Frankie): I feel that it is a man’s responsibility to pay for the date but if she insists I will accept.

(Whitney J): How do you let a woman know you want to be exclusive?

(Frankie): I just tell her! I will be really direct. I don’t do subliminal relationships. If I’m ready for you to be mine that just what I am going to say.

(Whitney J): Perfect Date?

(Frankie): We have to cut the phones off. I don’t want any distractions. We will both do something that we’ve never done!

Frankie is the total package with so many things to offer! He has a sense of humor, workouts, has a relationship with his parents and God. It surely doesn’t hurt that he is nice on the eyes!

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Whitney J.

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