#Icandy of the Week: Bodacious Ms. Basketball

Name: Christina Granville

IG: MsBasketball

Age: 28 years old

From: Clewiston, FL

Residence: Atlanta, GA

Occupation: Product Specialist, Model and Actress

Christina or Ms. Basketball, as she more popularly known, enjoys being in a relationship and states that being single is overrated. Being in a relationship means you will have someone there to support you, have your back, and share intimate moments with. Being single can be lonely and having a relationship means you will have someone to share life with. The qualities that she looks for in a man are a God fearing man first and foremost. She states that he has to have a great sense of humor, be adventurous, strong, family oriented, affectionate and goal oriented.

(Whitney J): What are some of your turn ons? And turn offs?

(Ms. Basketball): Turn Ons:  I love a man who has muscles, a nice smile and pearly white teeth! Whew Lawd with all of this please take me now! (laughs) And it’s important that he makes me smile! Turn Offs:  I hate bad breath… YUCK! Stuck up guys and disrespectful guys are the worst!

(Whitney J): What do you feel is your best feature?

(Ms. Basketball): My best features are my personality because I can get along with anyone, my permanent smile and my nice abs!

(Whitney J): What’s your favorite feature on a man?

(Ms. Basketball): My favorite feature on a man is his smile and some nice big arms! I love a buff man who wears a smedium shirt! (laughs)

(Whitney J): How do you feel about one night stands?

(Ms. Basketball): I think that when you’re young then it’s ok because you may slip up and have a moment when you just want to get one off, or maybe things just happen and one thing leads to another. However, when you mature then it is no longer acceptable and you know better. When you know better, you do better.

(Whitney J): Is religion important to you in a relationship?

(Ms. Basketball): Religion is very important in a relationship. We need to be equally yoked. I’m looking for higher goals in a relationship, marriage and kids. We have to be aligned with everything from finances and be spiritually yoked. I can’t be going to church without my man! My father is a Bishop, how would that look?!

(Whitney J): How do you let a man know you want to be exclusive?

(Ms. Basketball): My actions speak for themselves. I cater to him and pay attention to his needs and what he says. I let him know and make sure he feels like he is the only one. I make sure I take care of him

(Whitney J): What’s your idea of a romantic night?

(Ms. Basketball): A romantic night for me is coming home from a long day at work with rose petals and candles lit to set the mood. A meal will already be prepared. A full body massage will be perfect and definitely some intimacy which can include just holding each other or even hunching! (laughs)

Ms. Basketball states that she does not mind paying for a date even in the dating phase. She feels that paying for a date illustrates that you can hold your own and makes the man want to do more for you. Ms. Basketball is athletic, competitive, hilarious and caring. Any guy who gets the chance to date her will definitely have a great catch!


Whitney J.

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