ICandy of the Week: Sexy Steven Beck

Steven Beck

Instagram: TheStevenBeck

Age: 22 years old

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Resides In: Washington, D.C

Occupation: Personal Trainer for the Washington Redskins National Football Team

Steven Beck is a super sexy bachelor who states that he would much rather be in a relationship as opposed to being single. He values a young lady who exhibits beauty, intelligence, independence, a hustler’s mentality, who is loving and affectionate and has a job! He’s not looking to be a sugar daddy but ready to build an empire with someone just as motivated as he is! Steven says that his turn ons are women excelling in a professional setting, a women who can handle corny moments, a woman who puts up a challenge so that will allow him to put work in, humor, and a fit chick. “Once you cook for me and kiss me on my neck we go together!”  Ladies please take care of yourself and take pride in your appearance, because the turn offs that he listed were a bad feel and bad weave.

(Whitney J): What do you think is your best feature?

(Steven):  My best feature is my smile!

(Whitney J): What is your favorite feature on a woman?

(Steven): I love many features on a woman but I would have to say I am more of an ass man than a breast man.

(Whitney J): How do you feel about one night stands?

(Steven): I think we all fall victim to one night stands. They are not a bad thing. I just feel that as you grow up your sex should be appreciated and not given away ESPECIALLY if your sex is great!

(Whitney J): Is religion important in a relationship?

(Steven): If we are on the road to marriage then yes it is important! As long as you are not an atheist then I am sure we can work something out.

(Whitney J): Woman paying on a date.. How do you feel about that?

(Steven): I feel that it’s ok to switch it up a bit to show me that you have my back just as I have yours!

(Whitney J): Stranded on an island… What 3 things would take with you?

(Steven): my phone (hopefully I get signal), some toilet wipes (just in case I eat some bad fish) and my bible ( because at that point only God is going to get me through)

Steven defines commitment as someone who is willing to match his effort and make sure his love and feelings are safe with his significant other just as you would want him to be with yours. He is looking for love and loyalty, which he defines as the essentials to a relationship. Ladies please be clear he is a personal trainer, so he will push to a healthier and sexier lifestyle but why not enjoy the view of him along the way?!


Whitney J.


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