If Loving You Is Wrong- “Mortal & Filth”

If Loving You Is Wrong begins with Louise admonishing Randal for using Marcie’s credit cards to purchase clothes for his son. She tells him he is just like his father, which angers him. He is hurt that his mother has taken his wife’s side, remembering when they could not stand one another. She tells him that she feels for Marcie, remembering how she felt when his father got her best friend pregnant. He tells her he did not fall in love with Alex on purpose, but that she deliberately slept with Brad to get back at him. Marcie reveals she is moving out and throws her credit cards at him.

Zulay Henao as "Esperanza"
Zulay Henao as “Esperanza”

At the precinct, Esperanza tries to get Claudia to calm down and take the day off. She refuses, saying she needs the money. Julius arrives there and tries to talk to her. He tells her he misses “her sweet ass.” Esperanza rebuffs his advances and tells him to stay away from her and her family. He reveals that Eddie has been bringing women to her home and is a dirty cop who steals from his low level dealers. She demands he stay away from her. At the Burger Joint, Faun tries to reason with her father to give Natalie and Joey back their jobs. He refuses, telling her they are done. She points out that he wrongfully terminated Natalie, and that she is going to continue seeing Joey. He tries to talk her out of it, until she reminds him that he and her mother met under similar circumstances. He agrees to allow Natalie to return. When she goes to her car, Joey pops up, having been hiding in her backseat. She tells him they are going to run a few errands. He tells her he has nowhere to go.

randal and brad hey mikey atl

Randal goes to see Julius’s father at the hospital. The old man thanks him for his help over the years and asks him to help his son. Randal agrees. At the site of Pete’s shooting Lushion interrogates Ben about what happened. His story begins to unravel until Eddie stops him. Lushion reveals to Steven a high number of rookies have been killed in their department in the last year, suggesting he should look into it. Kelly goes to the precinct to talk to Lushion, but Esperanza fills her in on what is going on. Kelly reveals that Natalie and Lushion are no longer getting a house or together. She hopes Esperanza can talk some sense into her. Faun takes Joey to his mother’s house. There, she offers Natalie her job back. She reluctantly decides to go back in two days. Faun thanks her and leaves her son there with her. Joey asks his mother can he return home, mocking her voice. She agrees, but only if he will abide by her rules and go pick up some things from the store for her. Randal returns home to find Marcie leaving and continues to antagonize her outside. He unwittingly announces his baby in front of Alex’s father–who immediately becomes irate!


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