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If Loving You Is Wrong- “Nine PM”

If Loving You Is Wrong begins with a drive by from hell as Julius’s goons shoot up the Burger Joint and hit Edward in the process. Lushion manages to take two of them out as they crash into another car. Quan walks aways from the crime scene smirking at Joey. Natalie and Joey find Lushion applying pressure to Edward’s wound. They call the police and Esperanza responds. She immediately becomes distraught and heads to the hospital to see him. Elsewhere, Travis stops by Kelly’s job to surprise her with a basket of lunch. She rebuffs his advances, so he decides to try and serenade her. She agrees to have lunch with him to keep her from getting fired over his shenanigans.


At the hospital, Edward’s wife demands Esperanza leave. Not wanting to make matters worst Natalie escorts her home. The police precinct praise Lushion for defending Edward and stopping two of the assailants. The captain advises him to take the rest of the day off. Lushion decides not to reveal Edward’s corruption. Travis tries to get Kelly to open up to him again but she is reluctant. He tells her he wants her back and wants to make love to her again. She refuses, feeling like he wants her to be his whore. She leaves furiously, but contemplates having sex with him hoping Marcie can dissuade her. Travis tells her he will see her at Nine PM. Esperanza calls Kelly for help. Brad arrives home to find his son needs help with a secret project he refuses to allow Alex to help him with. Thee project is one honoring mothers and he wants to retell the story of how his parents met. Seeing the pictures of how happy he and Alex were, and of his father, deeply trouble him and he stops helping his son with the project.


Kelly and Natalie comfort Esperanza and help her realize she does still love Edward. She finally relaxes when she learns he is going to be okay. She asks the ladies to let their children stay overnight with her to keep her mind off things. Later, Kelly goes to get Alex’s kids and informs her and Brad of what is going on with Edward. Brad immediately leaves for the hospital. Kelly realizes things are far worst for them than she realized. She tries to get Alex to remain calm for her unborn baby’s sake. That night, Travis comes to see Kelly and convinces her to let him come in. He immediately seduces her and they make love.

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 The police captain arrives at Randal’s house to question him about Edward’s shooting. He believes he is behind it and promises to bring him down when he does. Brad returns home to find Alex has made a romantic dinner for them. He becomes furious with her, berating her for everything she has done to him. Marcie and Randal hear them arguing and the former goads him into going over to check on her. Randal begins banging on their door!

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