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If Loving You Is Wrong- “The Tape”

If Loving You Is Wrong- “The Tape”

If Loving You Is Wrong begins where last episode ended–with Eddie enraged with Alex for getting pregnant with Randal and having a biracial baby! While Brad tries to explain to his children when their mother will be coming home and tries to lie about why he does not talk to the neighbors anymore. Eddie busts in his house and demands the kids leave while he speaks to their father. Brad takes him outside and demands to know why he did not tell him about Alex’s baby. Brad insists he wants to protect his children, but Eddie insists he tell Alex’s father and make a three hour drive to his home to do so–or he will! At Randal’s house, Marcie and Louise bond over a meal. The latter tells her she will be leaving the next day, but tells her she will be worrying about her. Marcie tells her that she and her son are threw, but she does not believe her. She tells Marcie that it takes time to heal and that she still loves Randal or should we not have been so obsessed with revenge and getting even. They apologize for insulting each other and their past arguments.

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Natalie visits Kelly at the bank to see if their loan will be approved. Kelly tells her based on her credit alone, no, but with Lushion’s yes. She then unwittingly reveals he has $200K in one of his accounts. Natalie, surprised, wonders where he got that kind of money from. Kelly realizes Natalie forged his signature and filled out his paperwork. She admonishes Natalie for her misrepresentation and warns her not to do anything brash when it comes to Lushion. Eddie meets with Ben and his girlfriend, telling him for sure Pete has the tape. He then asks for more pain pills and divides them up between he and his girlfriend. At the precinct, Pete tries to watch Eddie and Ben’s tape, but is interrupted by Claudia, the new girl at the 911 call center. She introduces herself, but Pete convinces her to get some coffee while he watches the video alone. He sees Eddie shoot Pete in the hand, and so does Claudia. Pete quickly leaves as Ben arrives. Claudia offers her apology about his fingers being shot off by another man. Ben becomes fearful and calls Eddie while he is in bed with a woman, checking his bullet wound. Then he goes to talk to Pete in the locker room. He tries to get him to hang out with him, but he refuses and tells him he needs his space. Eddie arrives and makes Ben leave as he interrogates, intimidates, and threatens Pete to get the tape from him. Pete refuses to give in and Eddie promises to shoot and slams him into a locker. Lushion arrives and breaks them apart. Eddie tells him they will be partners again and leaves. Lushion questions Pete, but he lies about what is going on and tearfully begs him to be his partner. Lushion tells him he has no choice. Pete says he will be fine.

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Kelly arrives home and finds Ramsey, shirtless, and sweaty while cutting the grass at his mother’s house. She admires him from a distance at first and then speaks to him. He begins to break down again as he discusses keeping the house because his mother would want him to. She invites him inside to talk. There, she comforts him and reluctantly gives him Marcie a call to help him sell the house. At the hospital, Alex’s doctor tells her she cannot discharge her until her vitals are steady and that everything will work itself out. Brad arrives with a bouquet of dead roses and immediately Alex’s blood pressure rises. The doctor warns him to stop tormenting her or she could die. Brad, however, does not care and tells her he has a surprise for when she comes on. He lays the roses at her feet and leaves. Faun picks up money at the Burger Joint and comes on to Joey, he tries to resist her but she pushes him in the restroom and kisses him. He tells her he missed her, but stops before they get too hot and heavy. Outside, Quan shows Faun to Julius and tells him that she is how he will get the money he owes him. Marcie gets ready for work and chats with Louise. She tells her Randal is outside staring at the shed, trying to analyze and study what went wrong. She says he has done that since he was a child, and warns Marcie he will become a different man. She then tells Marcie she will be leaving that day and to keep in touch, they hug each other, but Randal comes from behind Marcie and grabs her by the hair and throws her to the ground! He then begins choking her!


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