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In Case You Missed It – Project Runway Season 12 Premiere Recap

written by: Dione M. Davis

The new new for season 12 brings fashion, drama, personality conflicts and talent galore. Dolls you don’t want to miss this season! Episode 1 sashayed in and left me wanting more. I must say that I was really blown away with what each designer brings to the table. Each individual’s story was just as unique as their creations. The beautiful host and model Heidi Klum brightens up the tone with her smile and poise. The judges include the incomparable designer Zac Posen, the very opinionated Creative Director from Marie Claire, Nina Garcia, actress and fashion “It”girl Kate Bosworth, and the mentor/voice of reason Tim Gunn.

The show brought 15 new designers with compelling stories from around the country to a plane runway, instead of one for fashion. The surprises started with Kate Pankoke who was eliminated from season 11 landing on the runway and she’s a total curveball from the time she hits the ground. I believe that she was thrown in the mix to bring everybody off of their game just a tad bit. I have a feeling she’s going to play a crucial part in eliminations.

Competition began right on the side of the runway where skydivers landed bringing the materials the designers will work with for the challenge: Expressive parachutes! Some watched dumbfounded trying to figure out how they would pull off impressing the judges with a design comprised of parachute material.

The next twist was the change giving Tim Gunn the “Trump Card” to serve as a “lifeline” and save a designer in the event that he disagrees with the judges. RIVETING! To all the Tim Gunn fans out there-you know he is going to bring the T-R-U-T-H! Authentically, it will be in way all Tim Gunn’s own, he came in with no filter and spared none of his thoughts. I LOVE this man’s ability to be honest yet tactful. Season 12 offers the winner a prize packaged worth over $500,000.00, which is the largest in Project Runway history.

I anxiously watched wondering how one would be able to survive such tension in the infamous Parsons room with sewing machines, split personalities and Tim Gunn peeking in to critique their work. I was intrigued by two designers in particular. One sewed with black tipped talon nails and the other seemed like she didn’t know how to work the sewing machine. I fell in love with designer Sandro Masmanidi, a handsome dark Russian who is going to give us entertainment value and charisma. Professional modern dancer turned designer Bradon McDonald creates what Tim Gunn calls “A wow Factor,” a gown mixed with blue, white and different shades of pink. It looked plain in the front, yet offered a detailed femininity that was undeniably breathtaking as his model walked off of the runway.

Another favorite was an orange, red and fuchsia gown with ruching that was phenomenally designed by Sue Waller from Brooklyn, New York who has an edgy modern flair. Comic relief and sheer ingenious was delivered through the creations of Timothy Westbrook, who offers eco friendly fashion consisting of used or everyday items such as sheets, curtains, cassette tapes ribbon and plastic bags. He adds the element of theatre to the presentation of his designs all while wearing heels. I sense he may need a show of his own in the future. Designers Ken Laurence and Kahindo Mateene have the potential to make lasting impressions. Tune into Lifetime next Thursday at 9pm for episode 2 to see who folds under pressure and who’s out. Auf Wiedersehen! Follow the designers and their portfolios at

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