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In The Zone With Entertainment and Sports Exec Dee Dee Williams

In The Zone With Entertainment and Sports Exec Dee Dee Williams

Written by: Mark Pollard

Making history is not an easy thing to do. Also being a boss (a pretty female one at that) in a male dominated field of work isn’t as easy as well, but for this young lady or should we say young “Mogul” in the making she made both look so tranquil. The phrase “Not just a pretty face” is definitely applicable when it comes to Dee Dee Williams. Many say after meeting this breath-taking Hollywood socialite in person, she is the epitome of beauty, brains, grace, and humbleness. While finishing her undergraduate degree in Psychology, Williams noticed that there was a need for more female business women in sports.

“A lot of athletes will tell you, in sports, it is mental as well as physical. Having many friends playing professionally gave me the opportunity to understand the major role psychology plays in sports “If you think you can . . .”!”

She then went on to pursue an “internship” at ESPN 1100 later accepting a position as an “On Air Personality” (becoming the youngest in the station’s history). Then after, with the massive amount of contacts accumulated and the vision of an “All Female” Sports Management Company, Williams created Dutchess Entertainment Sports Management Company.

In The Zone With Entertainment and Sports Exec Dee Dee Williams

“I founded this company to help keep professional athletes in the “Lime-Light.” We handle everything from public appearances to special events. We did anything (professionally) to make our client’s money outside of sports.”

“I use my charismatic personality to maintain professionalism while meeting client needs and objectives.”

Quickly being able to assemble an impressive portfolio of clients, brokering deals and partnering with NBA and NFL champions Williams became the “GO To” person from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

“One of my first big clients was Diana Askew (mother to NFL player) Darrelle Revis (Revis Island) she gave my company less than 24 hours (15) to fly from Los Angeles to New York to put together a “Surprise 25th Birthday Bash” for him. Of course, I got it done and “Rocked It.”

If that wasn’t enough, in 2016 Williams decided to enter the “Gaming Industry”.

“The casino gaming industry consists of companies engaged in gambling operations. It is highly dependent on customer satisfaction and meeting leisurely needs rather than basic ones. I’m a Casino Host Executive. When high rollers come to Las Vegas, I make sure they’re happy and that they get what they want.”

In doing that she was not only able to expand her “Entertainment Arsenal” she was also able to make history “again” becoming the first African-American Female Casino Executive in the state of Nevada, as the Sports & Entertainment Executive for the D Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

“It feels amazing to personally experience such a powerful achievement.”

“It is always influential to be first at anything (second, while better than third . . . does not have the same impact). Thanks to my boss (owner Derek Stevens), I’m truly honored to represent The D Las Vegas and have the opportunity to do what I love.”

Williams is responsible for cultivating strategic relationships between corporations and client properties, as you can tell handling business is nothing new to this mogul in the making.

In The Zone With Entertainment and Sports Exec Dee Dee Williams

“It’s all about giving paramount services and attention to our clients to make their experience at The D Hotel & Casino the best for return visits and recommendations. The casino gaming Industry reminds me of the Sports and Entertainment industry. The only difference is, in the casino gaming industry our “Stars/VIP’s” are compulsive gamblers who expect to be treated like royalty (everything comped), in exchange for placing bets.”

As far as goals, I want to be the “Go To” person within my niche market because of my abilities to meet (and exceed) client expectations.”

“I want to be the “Top Influencer” amongst my competitors.”

With all of that being said, don’t get it twisted this young mogul in the making is a true triple threat. Beauty, brains, and a single mother at the end of the day to twin boys. Williams has plenty of motivation to keep her many new projects coming steadily. Also working to secure an autobiography book deal of her life and journey, Williams has this to say to any young women that want to follow a career path in the male-dominated arena of Sports Entertainment:

“Young women should understand the value of a good reputation. In this industry, there will always be somebody who is familiar with your past. Be mindful of the decisions you make for your future (especially via social media . . . it’s there forever).”

You can reach Dee Dee Williams on Instagram @DeeDeeTheGreat or at her website for more on her businesses and reputation the “Gaming Industry”. Your dope for reading.


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