Ink My Whole Body: Tatted & Terrific! Kickin’ It w/ Kandace Layne (@kandacelayneart)!

They say it’s hard out there for a pimp, well it is definitely hard out there for ladies too. Especially when you are a female tattoo artist. Kandace Layne is her name, and she is just as talented as any male tattooist. So how does this amazing inker stay ahead of the game and above the fray? Easy. By staying in her own “Layne” and tatting her own way! “I’ve always believed in being an individual…I decided early on that being a tattoo artist is what I wanted to do with my life…People tried to talk me out of it, but there is just something about art and make that a permanent part of someone else that I think is so great…”



Kandace’s words fall in line with the rest of her City of Ink family, where she was an apprentice before she became a full fledged tattooist. She counts,Tuki Carter, co-owner of City of Ink, and her mentor, as greatly influencing her. As you may know already know Tuki is the man behind many of Wiz Khalifa’s pieces, and is a quite the artist himself!



Although she is wholeheartedly accepted and respected by her City of Ink family, she admits that the tattoo industry is male dominated. As aforementioned, at times clients even give her a harder time just because she is a woman. “It’s definitely harder being a female tattoo artist, a lot of times people don’t feel you can ink, they question your judgment even if you’re giving them exactly what they’ve asked for, or they won’t give you the opportunity to service them at all…even female clients are hesitant to be tatted by a female…I don’t let it get to me because my work speaks for itself…for those few that won’t let me work on them just because I’m a woman, there are even more that will the moment they glimpse my portfolio…”


Kandace’s work is indeed spiritual and divine. Her part in Ink My Whole Body garnered a beautifully customized mandala piece on lower left thigh. She is big on using darker inks, feeling it stands out and looks better on skin. Mandalas are symbolic representations of the universe in Hinduism and Buddhism. One might think a colorless tattoo is boring, but the intricacy of her work mirrors the Medieval and Arabic work on stained glass windows of times long forgotten. “Darker colors just make a statement…” You can see my custom mandala by grabbing a copy of Kontrol Magazine’s Summer Lust issue!


To get your own piece of “divinity” from Kandace Layne, you can catch her at City of Ink, Walker Street location: (404) 525-4465 and follow her on Instagram and Twitter @kandacelayneart!


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