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Is Juicing Really Healthy?

Is Juicing Really Healthy?

Every couple of months it seems there is a news report about the newest and hottest fad diet, weight-loss tip or super food. Juicing is one of those weight-loss tips whose popularity has risen over the last couple years. Even I had for a time sworn that juicing was a perfect replacement of a meal. Recently, however, after having a green juice and immediately craving a meal 30 minutes after drinking it. I wondered what were the true health benefits of juicing? Does it really help in detoxing the body? Is it effective as way to lose weight?

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After a little research and using what I learned from my time as a sports medicine major in college. I came to the following conclusions about juicing.

I’ll start with the cons…

  • Juicing is a high-level concentration of fruit sugars, which means you get more calories and sugar in one 8 oz. of juiced fruit than fresh fruit.
  • Through the juicing process you lose fiber and protein content. Fiber and protein are important as the help you feel satisfied after eating and regulate bad cholesterol.
  • In order to lose weight you need the proper amount of protein, fat and fiber so that your body can be properly nourished. Juicing eliminate almost all of the things you need to lose weight healthfully.
  • Juicing itself does not detoxify the liver; rather juicing relieves the intestine and liver from having to process whole fruits.


  • It can be a delicious way to add more green vegetables to your diet.
  • There is high-water content from juicing, which will help keep you hydrated.
  • Juicing can be a great way to ease you into a healthier eating lifestyle.
  • Fresh-pressed juices are full of antioxidants and essential vitamins.


Referenced CNN.com article, “Juicing: Healthy detox or diet trap?”

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