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J.Cole Is Officially Off the Market and Planning to Walk Down the Aisle!

J.Cole Is Officially Off the Market and Planning to Walk Down the Aisle!

by Samantha Denäe

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For all the ladies who was making J. Cole your #MCM, it’s time you know that he is officially off the market and while doing so is doing nothing less than winning!

After shattering records with his junior LP, 2014 Forest Hills Drive, and appearing on ESPN’s music issue with Nascar legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. (who he randomly shouted out on his album pretending that he knew him), he’s now preparing for his 30th birthday and a wedding!

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Cole’s college sweetheart and fiancee, Melissa Heholt, have been together for 10 years and met while attending St. Johns University; and although she isn’t a video vixen or an Instagram model, Cole went the smart route and chose to be with someone who has been down with him from the beginning and who is a beautiful and intelligent woman. Heholt, who is a well established wedding planner in New York, was seen out doing some wedding dress shopping according to NecoleBitchie.com.

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Recently, Sister 2 Sister broke the story about the couple and their plans to wed stating that he proposed back in 2010. Although no one saw a ring after the proposal and rumors swirled that he was creeping  with someone else (FreddyO.com), all seems to be well in Dreamville for the pair as she rocks a 4-carat diamond ring.

Since most people probably didn’t even know the NC native was in a relationship, let alone a long term one, people may find that Cole’s view on relationships and marriages are pretty much the same. During an interview with HipHipCanada, Cole spoke on how he feels about relationships and marriage :

I feel like relationships are a beautiful thing, period. Relationships can be really beautiful, they can be really hard, they can be really rewarding, or they can be bad relationships where it’s really detrimental and hurtful, but that’s life, period.

But then marriage, marriage is just a relationship to me. In my experience, when you’ve been in a relationship for as long as I’ve been in one, there’s no real difference. It’s just a piece of paper that validates what was already real. In marriage you got to go through the same struggles as a relationship, that’s if the relationship is real, because there’s a lot of non-real relationships going on in the world right now. And I think that’s just because of the day and age we’re in, a lot of these relationships are taking place over text messages, it’s not real substance. But when you got a real one, it’s already like a marriage.

On being faithful, Cole had this to say:

I think I’m a different type of person because I came into this game with a girl. I don’t really like to get personal but…I have had a girl for a while. And I’m just a different kind of dude in the way I act in this game. I don’t the same as somebody else coming in.

Trust me. I see the value in [my relationship]. The more and more time goes on and you resist the temptation in life, because it’s easy to get in the game and [cheat].

Sometimes when people, people like old friends from school who know the both of us and they run into her, they be like, Oh you still with Jermaine? They expect a n*gga to get a deal and get a little bit of money and just drop it. But as time goes on you really see the value as to why that’s not the smart move. You’ll be f*cked for a long time.


Their alma mater wished them well and congratulated them on their engagement back in December on Twitter:

“Congrats to @JColeNC on his engagement to his @StJohnsU College sweetheart!”

Well, I guess his lyrics hold true: “I could tell by how I treat you with my girl/Damn she so selfless, but she put up with my way/Because she loves me like you do/And though it don’t always show I love her just like I love you” – Apparently, 2014 Forest Hills Drive

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Congrats to the couple. They’re so cute together!

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