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Putting it plainly, in physics the law of attraction is used to describe the nature between multiple bodies whose nature is thought to cause the two to repel one another. However in fashion conflict and contrast aren’t necessarily terms to be attributed to the negative and can more than often work for the better. Project Runway alumni Jake Wall and Blake Patterson have recently come together for the release of their collaborative effort JAKE+Blake. I was granted a rare opportunity to chat with the designers about the launch of their collection and the opening of their new store this past March.

Blake Patterson (left) Jake Wall (right) Picture courtesy of http://www.fshnmagazine.com/
Blake Patterson (left) Jake Wall (right)
Picture courtesy of http://www.fshnmagazine.com/

Just a few short days after their hectic but wildly successful boutique opening, both Jake and Blake teleconferenced in from their boutique in sunny California. I, nestled away in my office across the country in Detroit still fighting off the last few days on an ailing winter season that seemingly refused to die. Having interviewed few fashion designers in my tenure, I was curious if they actually made their own clothing. An insider between a few friends mine (will work for clothing) came to mind and both Jake and Blake shared my sentiments. “A true slave to fashion is what we’ve got,” Jake laughed.

“As everyone knows we met on Project Runway and it’s kind of a cutthroat environment where everyone is pitted against everyone else. Blake’s a good guy though, but we’re very different designers,” he told me. “I’m about tailoring, minimalism, and aggressive construction. Blake is about bigger and better and more volume. From that angle we’re different beasts if you will. On the show we had this amazing opportunity to be on a team challenge where it was loosely based around boys vs. girls except we had another great designer on our team (Merline). It was six of us on the team except Blake and I ended up collaborating on finishing the textiles. I did kind of the lion’s share, but what’s funny is that he stepped in and sort of took over that portion. That right there stood out to me and reminded me that no matter how good we are as designers, when we get together it’s our shared edit button that makes things richer. Designing in session with other people is a great way to make awesome products for people,” said Jake.


Hourglass Collection by Jake+Blake
Hourglass Collection by Jake+Blake

Providing clothing for men and women alike JAKE+Blake have disturbed the waters of fashion. Producing both ready-to-wear and custom designed collections, JAKE+Blake emphasizes analyzing the wearer, what makes them tick and why. Putting their enthusiasm and tireless energy into their brand, the spring collection seems more a celebration of both their collaboration and the endless stylish possibilities it provides the wearer.

“We were really inspired by the desert and the oasis,” Blake said. “We’ve got a lot of blues and lot of camo. It’s really fun and whimsical. We’re all about helping you do you better,” said Blake, the prominent womens-wear designer of the pair. “I grew up on a little farm in Ohio, so I never saw commando (something Jake loves) as something that was cute or chic–so we opted to do it in blue for spring and transitioning into red for the fall. Making the unobtainable obtainable and acceptable is something that our client loves,” Blake said.

“We don’t necessarily make clothes for everyone, we make clothes for people that want to be noticed. You can wear our stuff to a gala and get noticed or a grocery store, its completely up to the wearer,” Jake told me. ‘We really want the prince and princess to come together.”

Check out more about JAKE+Blake brand and all they offer at their website www.jake.clothing. You can also follow the designers on their social media accounts below.

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